Why You Should Go on a Writing Retreat

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Are you new to writing and need time to brainstorm ideas or find inspiration? Learn the value of taking a writer's retreat to help you make sizable progress.

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Laurel D
Good, at least I'm not a loner. Is it common to go on a writing jag and have words just drip off your pen? I wrote 9 poems, most just short ones plus a short article today. I scribble lots of little items about greyhounds which I've raised for nearly 50 years. If you'd like to see a couple of short poems, rather light-hearted ones, I'd be glad to "comment" with them. Laurel
Curious .
On a good day, yes, words drip off our pen! And it's terribly exciting and a step in the right direction. The question is whether they are "good" words. That's where revision comes in. It's always in that process that things really get good. I don't think you can post your poems in "comments" due to word limits, but you could e-mail them to me at my site if you like.
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Laurel D
I've considered classes for some time. I'm much older than your average writer, but I've written articles, poetry, newsletters, etc. since I was in high school. I enjoyed this lesson because I'm working on a couple of projects which I would like to publish. I have had articles published in some niche publications, but I'd like to broaden my range. This lesson gave me some ideas for where and how to go on a retreat. I will do so this year! Laurel E. Drew.
Curious .
That's great news, Laurel. I'm quite sure if you can find the time for a retreat and really focus and relax, you will find that your creativity with flourish. Sounds like you are working on some great projects. Incidentally, in just the past two years, several of my clients published their first books, and they are aged 74-85!
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