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Understanding Modern Nutrition

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Learn the importance of understanding modern, packaged food, what influences the modern nutrition landscape, and how to understand nutrition experts.

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Sarah R
I want to be good
Curious .
Thanks for taking part in this lesson and sharing your comment Sarah.
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Adam N
I think you're grossly misrepresenting what a Registered Dietitian is. They study the science of how our bodies utilize food & how it contributes to our overall health. They don't only focus on caloric intake & certain nutrients. They DO focus on the whole & use their very rigid schooling to help their clients attain health. You state in your responses you are self-taught by research. I google things too, that doesn't make me fit to counsel others & misrepresent RD's, an important profession.
Curious .
Adam, thank you for your input about dietitians. Please understand that my self-taught comments come from going beyond the traditional school system, as I have a science degree in the biology and biochemistry of human health & nutrition + HN cert. I am sorry I am not able to cover fully the scope of dietitians in such a short lesson, which is meant as an overview, but rest assured that I know what they study & the limitations of schooling systems which do not steer people towards optimal health.
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Renata S
Clear explanation. Thanks, very interesting.
Curious .
Great to hear! Thank you for your feedback.
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Diane W
Love the info, Thank you. Do you have any certification, and if so where? I'm very interested in furthering my education
Curious .
You are most welcome Diane! Great to hear you enjoyed. Do you mean where I got my certification or whether I offer any official programs where people can get certified? The answer to the latter is no. The answer to the first is that I share my education background on my website (www.evitaochel.com), but most of what I teach was acquired via personal research, not any specific schooling. My education backgrounds all helped to build upon each other. What to pursue will depend on your location, etc
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judith r
First time I've seen/heard a lesson I could understand
Curious .
Great to hear your positive feedback. Thank you Judith.
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