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How to Live in the Present

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Being fully present and totally engaged is an important step toward success. Learn ontological practices, how to identify a peak experience, and be in the now.

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Mary Ann G
Super awesome! Thank you.
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Brandon N
Thanks a bunch Charles. Taking the time to share personal experience and provide answers to the tough questions you had to answer is huge. I'm sure many people that aren't commenting have had a change in there life. I learned a lot about being present from different folks and philosophies, but the "closing items" Idea is new and fantastic. Thanks man. Good luck with all your teachings and your own life!
Curious .
Thank you. Remember love is only possible when we are present. Cleaning up the past items that stop us from being present means more love in our daily life.
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Well, I was going to skip the closing items. I am 73, and there are a number of times in my life that I have done worked on cloing items - even wrote them down, worked on them, and then burned the paper when it was completed. But there are new ones, and I decided to listen anyway, and really liked the idea of writing all, but only starting with the ones that I am ready to let go of. What is interesting, the ones that planned on leaving alone forever, I may do pretty soon, anyway.
Curious .
Completion allows us to be present. Love is only possible when we are present. So congratulations! You are creating more love in your life. I put a couple of personal shares on my Facebook page you might like.
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Ken F
Charles, I saw you speak this AM on CNBC and there was something so genuine about you that I looked you up and came across this course. Great stuff and look forward to learning more in the future.
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Michiel K
Charles' view is quite refreshing that your are NOT responsible for your beliefs, contrary to other gurus (eg Wayne Dyer). As a child you simply do not have the capacity to choose what to believe or not. In fact, 'your tribe' is essential for your survival. However, once grown up, choosing to remain a victim or your earlier tribe's behaviour is your choice, and there are alternatives now. Still, changing is easier said than done. Charles offers a great tool for this. Thank you, Charles!!
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