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Memory and the Imagination

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Improve your memorization skills by taking this course with record-breaking memory specialist, David Thomas. Take a simple memory test and explore the course.

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Caroline S
I am impressed and looking forward to what I will learn next. Thank you for the newly found hope that I will be able to improve my memory.
Curious .
Hiya Caroline. Finding the hope is everything in life. Keep believing and you will keep improving. Cheers. David
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Jose B
I am just wondering what was the title of that wonderful book on memory that changed your life, and gave you the tools you needed to to go from class dunce to memory champ--no offense or disrespect intended?
Curious .
No offence taken, Jose. The book was called "How to develop a perfect memory" and was written by my good friend Dominic O'Brien.
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Jewel C
I had a 40% improvement!
Curious .
Wow! That is huge. Keep on practicing and you will get even better. The more you practice, the better you get. Congratulations.
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Erika S
It would be great if Curio had subtitles on the videos so we could use them on mute with other people around...
Curious .
Hiya Erika. I thought you were going to say you needed subtitles because you couldn't understand me Lol! But yes, what a brilliant suggestion!
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Beth M
Curious .
Hiya Beth. Thank you so very much for your comments. I love teaching memory and was so happy when I saw you enjoying it. All the best.
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