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Body Posture, Styling and Movement

by Ryan Perez

0:00 | 7:28
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  • Roy T comment: good, so far
  • Agusto V comment: I did not know that dancing salsa will be so easy, thanks again Ryan and partner.
  • Gabe G comment: Excellent!
  • Krishnan M comment: Let me know why it is necessary for learning?
  • Lynda B comment: You are excellant at teaching and I have understood each lession so far.
  • Karin M comment: I could not hear that clave, or at least distinguish it from the other cowbell sounding noises. So I will work on that. Also, dancing in double time will take some definite mirror practice to feel comfortable! Love these lessons, you guys are adorable.
  • jamie s comment: The hip movement section is not functioning correctly, my computer will not play it. :(
  • Ami G comment: This is great. I love the way you break down the steps
  • Tanya P comment: Very helpful