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Salsa Dance Steps for Beginners

by Ryan Perez

0:00 | 12:48
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  • Roy T comment: great start!
  • Heriberto M comment: Its very interesting
  • Julia J comment: Very helpful. I am super uncoordinated and even I could follow along! Thanks!
  • Sheryl F comment: Now to just get my brain, ears and feet to work in tandem. Lesson is great
  • Tom A comment: Going to definity have to replay this lesson. lol
  • Valerie N comment: Now I know how to salsa (basically)! Thank you!
  • Toni Y comment: Thank you!
  • JOHN S comment: Really helpful, I'm a first time Salsa student and these are extremely useful. Thank you!
  • Sarah B comment: Just a tip for you. Keep your hands out of your pockets. It makes you look sorta bored. :)
  • Karrie S comment: Thanks! This actually looks fun and not scary!
  • Heidi D comment: Thank you so much! Very well spoken ! Wonderful lessons !
  • atul k comment: uiuyiityutyuytuytutyuytyutyutyutyuyt
  • Carol B comment: Thank you!
  • lou-lou d comment: 4 and 8 are on the place, right? Like a rest count?
  • lou-lou d comment: 4 and 8 are on the place, right? Like a rest count
  • Christine C comment: Finally I am getting a grip on "da Salsa".... I am German and salsaing, yahoo! Thanx for showing step-by-step. Thank you Ryan!
  • Agusto V comment: Thankyou Ryan for techng us how to dance salsa in a very easy and explicit way...
  • Teresa M comment: It's a wonderful lesson, especially for a person with two "left legs" like me. Very easy to learn this way. Big thank you from Teresa!
  • Deborah S comment: the lesson was very easy to follow
  • Rosalinda A comment: You made it very easy.
  • Don James F comment: you are the best ,thank you for your good lesson. may God bless you.
  • Melody S comment: Very informative and you were both easy to follow with no confusion for someone like me that has never danced salsa! Thank you!
  • Jane B comment: Really fun lesson, will be back to try more
  • Liora A comment: Nicely done!
  • Cindy H comment: Thankyou, you are an awesome teacher!
  • Savita S comment: now I need to practice
  • Fabulously Artsy comment: Very clear and easy to understand. Thanks!
  • Alison C comment: Thanks for posting!! I appreciated that you did the steps from several angles. I think I'd probably have appreciated a few styling add-ons, for those who picked up on the moves a little more quickly. Keep teaching!
  • Elaine C comment: You make salsa dancing look like so much fun!
  • Rowan H comment: Thank you!!
  • Monique G comment: Your lessons are great! Very simple, and thorough. Looking forward to taking your other lessons, Monique Gonzalez
  • Kathleen H comment: Very good so far. Easy to understand.
  • Ramona M comment: Thanks for the lesson. You are great teachers
  • Val M comment: thanks for the lesson
  • Wendy A comment: Great beginner lesson for Salsa!!! Thank you for sharing!
  • T G comment: Thank you for the lesson!
  • Mayra L comment: looks easy and fun
  • Ruth R comment: Salsa!
  • Katherine H comment: I think Ryan needs to feel more confident by taking his hands out of his pockets because I was more drawn to the fact that he had his hands in his pockets most of the time. Otherwise, the instructions were good.
  • Deborah H comment: The lessons are fun and easy to follow. Ryan makes it possible for even people like me to dance! And I alway thought I couldn't dance before!
  • ronald k comment: where ae the printed steps 123...567 to augment the teachers so as not to fall behind. show me the footsteps also
  • Terri W comment: Thanks! Looks like even a retired person could learn this :).
  • Amir A comment: you are amazing...
  • Kerri S comment: Great teaching Ryan and Nicole. my husband and I are learning as a surprise for our son at his wedding in April. Your explanation can help us learn whilst at home. Woohoo.
  • Alex R comment: Ryan and Nicole were superb teachers, and very professional.
  • Tina K comment: Very clear instructions. Salsa is so much fun and this breakdown really is helpful.
  • Vivienne T comment: Excellent-had great fun doing this at my desk!
  • angel p comment: loved this lesson!
  • Gary L comment: Easy to understand and start, now I need to download some Salsa music. Thanks!
  • Robyn J comment: So fun! I can't wait to embarrass myself, no really, now I can say I know the salsa. Great lesson!
  • Kira Elste, Pilates, Barre, & Workouts comment: Quite enjoyed the foot position graphics. Well done!
  • Joanne B comment: Last time I tried to salsa I thought it was a version of disco. Not so! No wonder I felt like a fool!
  • Denise W comment: Very good basic instructions, but there was a video lag on The Follow instructions.
  • Jallal W comment: I had a really great time, still in the dancing mood. Thanks so much.
  • lorie K comment: Thanks for such good instruction
  • Jeannette P comment: Ryan and Nicole great lesson I will be back
  • Jorge B comment: you made very easy to learn
  • Silvia S comment: Thank you! Great lesson, it was really easy to understand!
  • Sue W comment: Great lesson, thank you
  • Mary K comment: Very clear instructions, I did very well for a first time Salsa dancer.
  • Nelson S comment: Great lesson, you guys made it easy to count. thanks much
  • Tanya P comment: Very detailed method of teaching. Easy to follow
  • Gwen F comment: For me, the lesson felt too slow. However, my boyfriend found it to be just right.
  • Linda W comment: Great instructions - thanks so much!
  • Judy M comment: Thanks for breaking it down to such a basic level. Even if I never do salsa dancing myself, it enriches viewing experiences when I know what to be looking for.
  • Nicole L comment: I have taken some beginner salsa lessons and I have just learned something new from you. These appear to be really great lessons and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing!
  • Karrie S comment: You guys did an awesome lesson! I loved it !
  • ethel c comment: Thanks for the beginning lesson, can't wait to learn some styling.
  • Bonne B comment: do you have a DVD set for your lessons?
  • Katie P comment: Great tool in my beginning dance class. This lesson gave me a great edge!
  • Joyce f comment: Really clear teaching, never thought I could learn dance!!