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Functions in Excel 2010

by Motion Training

0:00 | 18:46

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  • April W comment: Im trying to figure out how to do the practice assignments?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi April, to download the Excel file click on the link found in paperclip in the upper right of the player. Please post any other more specific questions you may have. Happy learning!
  • oma k comment: I have learnt more this few minutes than I have tried to learn in years. I am loving this. Wish I had tried this much sooner.
  • Havey T comment: you gave clear instructions thaks
  • Chiadikaobi N comment: Thanks a bunch!!
  • carol r comment: great lesson
  • robbie g comment: learning alot in a small amout of time
  • Atiqul I comment: Great Teacher . Brilliant.
  • Chandima J comment: 1) Select range of data (A3:B10) - remember to EXCLUDE the total/ I do not understand this .
  • Betty L comment: Extremely good instruction.
  • Wayne Denise P comment: Sooo much to learn, I'll keep plugging away. Thanks for the time well spent!
  • Cathy R comment: Brilliant!
  • Sylvie O comment: thank thank thank you!
  • ELLENE J comment: I need more functions lessons, on how to do multiplication
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Ellene. There are examples of multiplication in the lesson 'Calculations in Excel 2010'.
    • Curious Support comment: You can find Calculations in Excel 2010 here: http://curious.com/motiontraining/calculations-in-excel-2010
  • Holly W comment: I really wish these could be in closed caption.. I get the just of it but it's hard looking at it and knowing what to do. Any help with this?
    • Curious Support comment: Thanks for the feedback Holly, we'll keep this in mind as we continue to develop the site.
  • tex a comment: very nice overview of functions, love the pace!
  • star b comment: A true blessing
  • roger r comment: great technique easy learning
  • Gloria W comment: Basic Functions of Excel 2010 now belongs to me! Thanks for the great lesson!
  • Susan H comment: You're the best! I'm going to be a pro!
  • E S comment: Question, Where i find how to use percentages using the example from lesson 6
    • Motion Training comment: Percentage formatting is covered in lesson 5 'Number Formats in Excel 2010'. There will be a lesson on percentage calculations available soon.
  • Vicki T comment: I wish I had done this a long time ago. Thank you
  • Gloria W comment: Again the lesson was very helpful and made every thing easy to understand, Thank you....
  • Charlotte F comment: Where do I find the Additional Functions in Excel 2010? I only see the 7th in this series of training sessions. Thank-you
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Charlotte. There will be more Excel 2010 lessons coming soon. If there is something specific you would like to be covered let me know and I can feature it in a future lesson.
  • Laura G comment: Do some more! That was the best tutorial I've done in a long time.
  • Mar S comment: Awesome, thanks
  • lee h comment: good arrangement of classes
  • Jo V comment: Very helpful lessons in an easy to understand format.
  • Saule M comment: Yes, I've learned exactly what I wanted. Asking questions after each section of s lesson is useful. But for someone like me, it would have been more useful to have a small practical exercise, i.e., rather than answering a question to do a quick exercise.
  • Elys M comment: Very impresive! Great tutor
  • Mark V comment: this lesson was a big help. I'm sure that I'll use it all the time. I can't wait to put it into practice.
  • Brenda A comment: Do I get to come back and review this without paying again?
    • Curious Support comment: Hello! To re-watch any lesson you have enrolled in or paid for, in the upper right hand corner of your screen, click your username (you must be logged in to do so). A menu will pop up - select “enrolled lessons.” From your list of enrolled lessons, click on the one you’d like to re-watch. Cheers!
  • Ummed R comment: These videos are great
  • Jerry A comment: Great refresher.
  • Wanda H comment: Great Job!
  • Wanda H comment: Great Job!
  • George M comment: How do you add colums, ect, daily numbers then add to monthly
  • Irina G comment: Wonderful!
  • Dilma P comment: Wow, Great Lesson I absolutely love it
  • Afzal K comment: great teaching
  • Cindy M comment: Awesome learning tool
  • Dennis C comment: Very instructive.
  • jill c comment: Great Tutor!!
  • Adios M comment: Thank you so much!! You were a great help. I'd love to see more. Thanks kindly!
  • Tricia C comment: Excellent Lesson! Great help. I'm excited to build my own spreadsheets now.
  • John G comment: I have a column of numbers that I want each number to calculate the percentage of a common denominator, in my case a total of another set of numbers. When using the click right hand corner and dragging down of the first percentage calculation the rest of the column is not correctly calculating. What am i doing wrong.?
    • james s comment: Look up Absolute References. If the column of numbers is in column A and the Total you want to use is in D10, then B1 should say =A1/$D$10. The $ keeps the numbers from incrementing when you drag B1. Have fun!
  • Carolyn T comment: I think your classes are awesome and I love how you give a quick test at the end of each lesson. Carolyn from NY
  • Rolf M comment: the lessons are plain and straight to the point. Easy to follow and result in fast learning the subject
  • michele m comment: Thank You you have helped me a lot
  • Leslie M comment: This was a Great Review for me! Its been a while since I have done anything in Excel and this was a great refresher. Thanks ;Þ
  • Tina P comment: This makes a spreadhseet so easy to do!
  • terri f comment: learned some great shortcuts!
  • Joan C comment: Thank you teacher
  • terri f comment: super tutorial
  • Pat Q comment: Easy to follow
  • Matt O comment: I thought these lessons on Excel were excellent. I learned a lot.
  • Tracey M comment: Great tutorial
  • Regina D comment: I really liked and could understand your lesson. Thanks
  • Abby D comment: So much to learn...sooo lil time....
  • Kelly Jo M comment: Thank you very helpful.
  • Abby D comment: GREAT EXPERIENCE!
  • Reggie C comment: thanks for the info.
  • Irina P comment: Thank you very much for the tutorial! Nice and easy. Would like to see more.....
  • Gail D comment: Excellent and easy to understand.
  • karen g comment: I enjoyed reviewing Excel.
  • peggy w comment: Thank you it was very helpful and easy.
  • gwen d comment: why only include column B in last function
  • laura v comment: thank you it was a nice refresher
  • Natalie C comment: I always wondered what those buttons were for and now I understand.
  • Joann C comment: great lesson
  • pat h comment: I want my totals in the last column, not in the rows. how do I do that
    • AYSE T comment: I always wanted to learn how to use excel.Many thanks for this wonderful training course.Best Regards
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Pat. When you click the Autosum button and don't get the range of cells you want simply click & drag across the correct range of cells to update the function, then press Enter. e.g. If your values are in B3, C3 and D3, to have the total show in cell E3 the formula would be =SUM(B3:D3).
    • April W comment: Im new for this course how do i complete the pratice assignemnts
  • Cid F comment: great and very nice
  • Cid F comment: thanks uiiyyy
  • Patti D comment: This tutorial was extremely useful...I'm unemployed, looking for work and needed a refresher course. Great job!
  • Brenda W comment: great job....i want more
  • Veronda S comment: Thank you, this was very helpful
  • arumugam a comment: these videos are very great
  • Lori S comment: wish i watched before I took my excel test....when you dont use it for a while you forget where some functions are....
  • harry p comment: love the video but what year of excel is that?
  • rusty w comment: easy, thank you
  • layton b comment: slow down dude you go to fast
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Layton, don't forget you can pause and replay the lesson as many times as you like!
  • cheyenne i comment: these videos are great!!!!
  • Emebete G comment: he is excellent
  • daniel j comment: lol malena
  • daniel j comment: lol malena
  • daniel j comment: really malena really?
  • malena l comment: yepperdidodah
  • malena l comment: lol really?
  • daniel j comment: lol yea. haha
  • malena l comment: wow this is fun! and a little wierd considering were sitting next to each other.
  • daniel j comment: yea really weird