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Basics of Excel 2010

by Motion Training

0:00 | 9:19

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  • cora h comment: I found this lesson to be helpful I am looking for a job and most jobs are looking for some one who know how to use excel. Thank you for this lesson.
  • Dianna B comment: Awesome! Easy to follow :)
  • Ngozi A comment: Thank u this was very easy yet insightful :)
  • Cathy o comment: You've made this so much easier to understand!
  • Shelly B comment: Wow, I thought I knew how to use Excel already. I really learned some useful tips and I feel more prepared than ever to tackle the world. I will be taking more of these classes in the future. Thank you! -Shelly Baxter
  • Samuel G comment: Love This Lesson
  • Martha M love:
    • Martha M comment: Thank you very much for the lesson....i needed it seriously, thanks again
  • Lori H comment: where is the auto sum button
  • Claudette K comment: Thank you for going over the basics of excel. I learned new things.
  • Chas O comment: Thanks, Clear, concise, very helpful
  • Antoinette D comment: how do i repeat the lesson. I want to start from the beginning.
    • Curious Support comment: You can re-watch this lesson as many times as you want. To re-access this lesson (and other lessons by the same teacher), simply go here: http://curious.com/motiontraining/ (you may need to login if you aren't already). Happy learning!
    • Ashu C comment: i want also start from the beginning will somebody help me out
  • Linda H comment: I was able to refresh on some basics; I appreciate the free lesson!
  • Marty S comment: thank you very much for the help. If I buy your course, can I come in and out of it anytime?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Marty. Yes, when you enrol on the course you can watch the lessons as often as you want to. Hope that helps.
  • mia h comment: what is Excel used for?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Mia. Excel is mainly used to help with calculations, like working out household expenses or total sales of products or services. It can also be used to manage lists of people, products or music and movie collections. There aren't many things you can't do with Excel!
  • Octavis G comment: How can I retreive my monthly total from a spreadsheet I created on Excel?
  • Glenda D comment: im very new to this, how to i start from the very beginning?
  • S.J. P comment: Great lesson, exel has been a mystery for me for years.
  • Holly W comment: If I have a spread sheet of sales and cost Jan Through Dec A-Q. At the end of the spread sheet how can I get it to total the sales and cost but they are not all in a row?
  • RE R comment: Very Helpful !!! Thank you so much for all you do.. Thank you
  • William S comment: Dear Teacher, You're method of teaching is exemplary, clear and concise. Many thanks.
  • Matilde T comment: This was extremely helpful , thank you
  • Mohammed Mubin S comment: Hello Sirs i have a sheet of roster where in i have names of agents with days and shift timings now want to allot each one of them mail checking allotment daily but only one person one person and that person's name should not be more twice and if require max to max thrice, please help me which formula should i execute so that i can distribute work allotment to each and ever person equally for the whole month also that sheet has details of weekly off, PL and CL's data in same sheet.
  • Diane M comment: how do you add more sheets for entering data (list form)?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Diane. To add a new worksheet first right click on any existing sheet tab and click Insert. On the new window make sure 'Worksheet' is selected and click OK. To move the new worksheet click on the sheet tab and drag to the location you want. Hope that helps.
  • Talibah K comment: After clicking on the autosum for my group of numbers to be added, it gave hatchtag (#) symbols. What does that mean?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. When you see the ##### marks in a cell it simply means the column is not wide enough for the content. Just make the column wider and you will see the hidden number. Hope that helps.
    • kaitlyn r comment: sotybn hty
  • Irwin V comment: Quite interesting, easy to grab and useful learning to use in day to day activities. Thanks and best wishes.
  • Kelly C comment: Thanks for an informative lesson.I always learn better when I can see it. K
  • Raflat P comment: Easy learning, great work. Keep it up!!!!!!!!! Regards Raflat
  • jeff g comment: thank you again
  • Linda B comment: The Lesson was awesome!
  • Somsiri S comment: Great Teacher. He explained the lesson very slowly and clearly for the one like me that The English is my second language. Thanks
  • Tasha M comment: how do i apply the hardcover theme to my workbook page?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Tasha. First click the Page Layout tab. You will see the Themes button on the left. Click the drop-down arrow and scroll down to find Hardcover. Click on that and that's it! Hope that helps.
  • shola O comment: very helpful, thanks
  • deepti k comment: thoroughly enjoyed this lesson,it was very clearly presented and I liked the quick short quizzes on the side that made my comprehension go one step deeper.Thank you once again
  • Dilma P comment: I'm lost, I don't know where to start... Any suggestion?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Dilma, this is the first lesson in the course. Feel free to re-watch the lesson as many times as you need to!
  • Sharon O comment: That was clear and great thanks !
  • Michael L comment: fantastic help absolutely good
  • Carol S comment: Easy to understand!
  • Judy L comment: Lessons are good, just have to keep at it a few times for it to stick in a 75 year old mind.
  • Shanese G comment: Thank you that was very helpful. I would have loved to see more than the first one but I don't have the money to buy it.
  • Priya J comment: I want to be able to see the entire spreadsheet. How do I do this?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Priya. At the bottom right of the Excel 2010 screen you will see a sliding control that will allow you to zoom in or out to see the level of detail you need. Hope that helps.
  • Julie P comment: This was a great and easy to follow lesson that gave me the introduction to Excel that I needed.
  • Lisa P comment: Just started using excel in my volunteer job....as I am hoping to be hired permanently one day....I need to learn more about excel...this tutorial was great! Looking forward to learning more!
  • loi T comment: I really like the lessons, its very helpful...thanks
  • Carolyn K comment: Need to start from lesson 1
    • Curious Support comment: Here's the link to the first lesson in the course: http://curious.com/motiontraining/basics-of-excel-2010/in/excel-2010-essentials
  • Carolyn T comment: I really enjoyed this. I am going to practice a few times. I got one answer wrong because of the dollar signs thru me off. But it is very helpful.
  • Latrice K comment: Thank you very much for your time. I just created my first spreadsheet :-)!
  • Norma S comment: Great lesson, easy to follow!
  • tina h comment: thank you!!
  • rene m comment: I can't figure out how to change the page breaks. Am I not able to change the automatic breaks--dotted lines?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Rene. Click the View tab and then click 'Page Break Preview'.. You can modify the position of the page breaks here.
  • margaret f comment: thanks very comprehensive
  • tiffany w comment: Thank you for the information
  • toni c comment: I love your accent ! you are very clear and precise in your explanations, I would love to have you as an instructor. Keep up the good work !!!
  • Frank B comment: so far so good I like this lesson
  • Amel M comment: Very helpful thank you!
  • Nancy H comment: wow this is awesome, we did a couple of classes on excel I absolutely hated it but you make it fun and digestible, thanks :-)
  • phat h comment: thanks instructor, this lesson is very helpful for me.
  • Stephen M comment: Hello from Seattle. Great instruction!
  • Denise H comment: how do i apply a picture fill and stack the images so that they are only as long as the original bar?
  • Sonya J comment: Love this lesson. Information needed was straight to the point.
  • Deborah I comment: You make learning the basics of Excel interesting; I don't fall asleep!
  • shirley b comment: Excellent! understood
  • tisavera b comment: How do I create a spreedsheet that when populated will give me the answer in percentages? I may see on one document that someone recieved 100% interest and later that person is giving 0.1367187500 of their interest, I need to know how to set up the calculation to recieve the percent of that string of numbers.
    • Raquel M comment: you make it really easy to learn thank you..:)
    • Zevah J comment: Hello,is there a lesson that shows what all the headers on the top in excel mean or can do? I just want to make sure I understanding everything.
    • cheryl r comment: This helped to clarify what i have been shown in class so far. I loved it!
    • Beth W comment: If I purchase all nine courses, will this qualify me to take a test for certification?
    • Peter W comment: Is there a way of using weights from drop down menu
    • Donetta D comment: This was easy to understand looking forward to learn more. Thank you
  • samuel e comment: this is a wonderful and very easy to understand
  • Connie N comment: very useful. Thank you.
  • Rocky M comment: so far all I see is this lesson buffering and not much more!
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Rocky, please let us know what you're seeing by emailing support@curious.com!
  • Steve M comment: Very well scripted and described, so simple.
  • Bev h comment: ?+.-,0M9N87 KJ98I,Y7634 \zxcvbnm,./|?.,kmjnhbgvfcdxsa\|zXCVBNM,./
  • shirley b comment: Saved me a lot of headaches thanks very much Your pace.. everything is bang on Shirley Briggs I still repeat it every now and then to keep in touch with what to do.
  • Linda T comment: This is the most simple way to learn and understand spreadsheets. Thank you
  • Dawn M comment: Thank you so much I have been trying to learn this on my own to take an employment test
  • karen l comment: This tutorial was fabulous!! Thank you!!
  • Sheila P comment: Hello I didn't realize how easy excel was until now. I have taken a class and lost interest in it because of the way it was explain to me. Thank you for being such a great instructor!!!
  • Marie A comment: so easy to follow
  • Jim S comment: Very user friendly!
  • Amita F comment: Great. Easy to understand
  • Mohit J comment: I got three types of smiley pictures , Insertion of smiley picture in a cell depends upon whether he scored A, B or C. Kindly advice me.
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. This will need the IF function or the VLOOKUP function to work. These will be covered in future lessons so stay tuned!
    • Yalaguresh B comment: ok i will stay tuned and learn in future lessons
  • Barbara T comment: I just completed the first lesson, Basics of Excel 2010 and I have learned a lot already! I was very excited when I figured out how to create a 3D chart only by listening to first few seconds of the presentation. Thank you so much!!! :) So far I'm loving the program. Thank you.
  • laeticia s comment: what is auto sum
  • Youstina S comment: tres efficace:) Merci beaucoup:)
  • Adrian V comment: Thank you.. just brushing up on my excel knowledge and learning new things
  • Dorothy B comment: I need to be able to wrap text. When do I do that? In the original page set up?
    • Dorothy B comment: thank you.
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Dorothy. First select the cell (or range of cells) where you want to have the text wrap and then on the Home tab, in the Alignment section click the Wrap Text button. Hope that helps.
  • Jan O comment: Thanks so much!
  • paola s comment: i love this...so easy to learn and understand....thank you!!
  • Toni B comment: nice refresher, clear, concise & simple easy to follow
  • shirley b comment: I don't have a tip ...however I always benefit from your tips Thanks again Shirley B
  • Charles B comment: Want to learn more of excel .But dont know how to go to it on curious.com it just stoped by chapter 5 basics of 2010 excel.
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Charles, to find the latest Excel (and other!) lessons from Motion Training, simply go to curious.com/motiontraining .
  • Catherine C comment: Great Tutorial ! Thanks
  • Mary C comment: Yes I enjoyed the course, it was my first experience with Excel, will buy course soon
  • Bonnie A comment: Very informational and easy to follow along. Thanks!
  • onika b comment: The lesson was very helpful, it helped me to refresh my excel skills. Thank you very much
  • Layo A comment: Thank you for the lesson. It was very helpful and easy to understand. I am now very familiar with excel.
  • Lisa B comment: I don't know where the home button is
    • Muhammad g comment: sigma key
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. The Sum button is over on the right side of the Home tab. It will have the label AutoSum next to it.
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Lisa, In Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 the Home tab (or Home button) can be found near the top left of the Excel window, to the right of the File tab.
    • magali p comment: Where is the sum button?
  • Rau B comment: My "A" column disappeared. What caused it and how do I restore it?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Rau. The column has been hidden - this can sometimes happen by accident. To recover column A move the mouse pointer into the grey area at the top of column B (where the letter 'B' is). Move the mouse to the left edge of the column and you will see a 2-way arrow symbol appear. Click and drag to the right and column A will re-appear! Hope that helps.
  • Joyce O comment: Thank you!
  • Sharon L comment: Although it's thorough I would suggest a drop down Q&A menu...Thanks for a great lesson!
  • Perry F comment: Hi. I really enjoy your teaching. I am currently taking Microsoft Excel 2010 in school. We are using the New Perspectives text book by Parsons, Oja, Ageloff and Carey. Do you ever go over the Tutorial, Reviews and Cases in that book? If so, it would be very helpful to me to watch you do those text book assignments. Especially the Reviews and Cases Assignments.
    • bert h comment: This is absolutely useful and explained very well - thank you
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. The lessons 'Calculations in Excel 2010' and 'Functions in Excel 2010' will help you with creating formulas in Excel.
  • Vernicesa L comment: Very informative, I really enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks alot
  • Lezlie G comment: Thank you. This was very helpful.
  • deedee f comment: How do I find the freeze bar
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. To freeze rows in Excel 2010, first select a cell in column A just below where you want to 'freeze'. Then click the View tab and click the 'Freeze Panes' button. Finally, on the drop down menu click 'Freeze Panes' to complete.
  • arturo p comment: ive never learned so quickly, so well in such a short time..well done
  • Elyse S comment: does this charge anyhting?
  • kalae08 d comment: this was great thanks
  • Jessica U comment: Very simple and informative, a great refresher for someone who has been out of the program for awhile! Thank you very much! Also enjoy the accent :)
  • Chhaya R comment: thank you so much but i need more training how do i learn more about basic pl. help me i am having a interview on this thursday and they want someone who knows excel pl. thank you again.
  • debbie r comment: Thank you for the lesson. So easy to follow.
  • Gloria C comment: Excellent virtual lesson. I have gained a wealth of information and value that I will be able to apply at work! A thousand thank you's!
  • Linda B comment: This was a very informative lesson!! Thanks a bunch.
  • Thomas B comment: outstanding
  • lisa s comment: The whole first lesson was great, I have been so afraid of excel, however when applying for a new job in my field this seems to be a must. This is great for learning, its easy, and if I need to go back and look at something again I just hit the back button.
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Lisa, Great to hear you have found the lessons helpful. Thanks for watching! Regards, Guy
  • Gloria H comment: Help, sorry haven't done data-entry in a very long time and want to get back into again but I am finding it a little frustrating.
  • zizi k comment: great lesson
  • Stephanie L comment: Easy to understand thanks
  • Sally W comment: Thank you
  • erica c comment: Thank you ! I really appreciate how you explained how to use Excel .
  • Deirdre H comment: Very well presented lesson. Thank you Deirdre
  • Kamal B comment: very help full.Thanks.
  • sara n comment: Many thanks for teaching smoothly
  • Christy H comment: I would like to thank you for your tutorial on Excel, it was very helpful.
  • holly b comment: Thank you I feel smarter already,and the accent is an attention getter also.
  • Barb S comment: I am working on a list and after I am done I go to print it doesn't print what I see on the screen. The printout prints it wrong i.e. e-mails don't match the customers names they shift when pringing I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the page break
    • Motion Training comment: Hi, It's difficult to know exactly what the problem might be without seeing your spreadsheet. Have you tried printing in landscape format. This is often a better way to print wide lists. In Excel 2010 click the File tab, then click Print. Click Portrait Orientation and change to Landscape Orientation. Hope that helps.
  • Sheila M comment: You are a good teacher, you explained things so that people like myself understood, Thank you.
  • Rose D comment: Great lesson I hope there are more to come.
  • Linda B comment: Thank you very much for the information
  • Singh S comment: his teaching types are very good step by step now in this through people can easily understand. in better way like how to prepare a better format it may be like offitial , all invoices , sales & purchase report , whatever may be that.
  • Christy W comment: Thank you for your lesson
  • Debbie M comment: Thanks for the training it was very helpful
  • Jordan H comment: It is a great lesson. My question as follows: How can I watch again the same lesson? Looked for options and couldn't figure how. Please you help is needed. Jordan
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Jordan, once enrolled in a lesson it will show up in your "Enrolled" list in your profile. When you visit the lesson again you can use the controls located in the player or click on the lesson timeline to watch the lesson again. You are free to watch a lesson as many times as you like. Happy learning!
    • Irwin V comment: Thanks for your advice.
    • Stan W comment: Bookmark it. Then you can return to it.
  • jacqueline b comment: This is fantastic and even though I went thru with the Lessons a bit fast I got a few tricks in Excel. Going to go through again till I am almost perfect. thank u
  • Pam (Curious) P comment: Awesome! I'm a novice at excel and this video shows how to link a chart to calculations! Thank you! PS love your accent :)
  • vessa w comment: awesome...currently talked into taking a more advanced college course...with no basic skills...so struggling...and I think these lessons will help me tremendously. thank you.
  • Melanie L comment: This helps my brain process of learning Excel thank you so much!! :-)
  • Alice b G comment: Thanks for offering this course on line
  • Celena R comment: I needed to know the basics of Excel for and admin job, I knew nothing about it and now have a vast understanding in minutes.
  • cheryl d comment: thanks!!! very informative.
  • Maria P comment: please let me know if it is more than 9 lessons in excel.
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Maria. More Excel 2010 lessons are being prepared and will be available soon. Thanks for watching. Guy
  • mister s comment: Yes this was very very helpul :)
  • carole m comment: This was very useful - thank you!
  • Tanya R comment: last comment, might help a lot if instructor "slows down" a bit, so that someone in my position might/will find it easier to "understand" what he's trying to say. not as slow as a turtle, but he needs to go slower than the pace he's using in order for someone with hearing trouble to "process" not only what the brain is "hearing" but what brain is "understanding" ( as in meaning). thnaks.
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Tanya, don't forget that you can pause and replay the lesson as many times as you like! Happy learning :-)
  • Nasheba D comment: love this you are awesome I feel confident I will learn this excel
  • Lynne P comment: I'm taking a college class for excel. I'm trying to do a homework problem and it prompts me to format the worksheet with the "Hardcover" theme. Problem is, it's not in the theme list!! any suggestions?
    • Lynne P comment: sorry, we're using word 2010
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Lynne. 'Hardcover' is one of the included themes with Excel 2010 so I don't know why it's missing for you. On my theme list 'Hardcover' follows 'Grid' and comes before 'Horizon. So does your list simply show 'Grid' followed by 'Horizon'?
    • Lynne P comment: Ok, my mistake.... I'm using 2007! maybe that's the problem. everything else between the two so far is the same!
  • David M comment: this is exactly what i needed!very much appreciate it!!
  • Celena R comment: I needed to know the basics of Excel for and Admin job, I knew not a thing but now have a vast understanding in minutes.
  • jo m comment: good info welldone
  • angela a comment: This was a very good, well presented, lesson. Thank you very much!
  • VICTORIA W comment: very good and thank you
  • Mary M comment: Awesome beginning!
  • Danika K comment: This was a very good training video, I wish that the lessons were all free, but thats ok we understand
  • Teresa A comment: Very helpful and very understanding.
  • Beth W comment: If I purchase all nine courses and complete them successfully, will this qualify me to take a test for certification?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Beth, There is no certificate associated with the lessons but you can say that you have completed the course on your resume if you wish.
  • lesley y comment: very helpful thanks
  • may r comment: I need to learn the basic of excel - help
  • Henry Mayer comment: Thanks! I've been meaning to improve my Excel skills for a long time. Looking forward to the other lessons in your course.
  • Stan W comment: Very helpful lesson. Thanks!!
  • shsaron s comment: Great way to learn Excel....thanks!!!!
  • Alfred W comment: How do I set up tabs using excel?. regards John
  • Tiffiany J comment: This is an amazing course :)
  • Rick L comment: lesson was great!
  • rhys w comment: very helpful - starting a new position which is heavily reliant on basic excel skills and haven't used since school, this has brought me up to date - just wish the more advanced options were free!
  • Flora L comment: can't wait to continue learning!!!
  • Jasmine B comment: Thank You :)
  • Heather B comment: I really enjoyed this. It was easy to understand and I like that I was learning something new.
  • Christine P comment: Very well explained....thought it was more difficult!!!
  • Lydia H comment: Thank you, this has been very helpful.
  • sara J comment: How would I calculate averages?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Brenda, My lesson on Functions shows you how to use statistical functions, including AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and COUNT. Hope that helps.
    • K N comment: If I wish to add a line under the title of the spreadsheet and I have already put other data there, how do I add another line?
    • Motion Training comment: To add a new row, click where you want the new row to be (even if it has data on it). Then Go to the Cells section, on the Home tab, click Insert and then click 'Insert Sheet Rows'.
  • James P comment: Oh, you cant use the enter...use only the arrow key to get February and March.
  • Anne-Lise J comment: Hello sir, I want to know how to use microsoft excel 2010?
  • Bridget H comment: Thank you for the tips. I'm have experience using Excel but never knew how the auto sum worked or how to properly make a chart.
  • Anup S comment: How to delete more than one worksheet at one time?
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. You can delete multiple worksheets by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the additional worksheet tabs to delete, then right-click and click delete. You can also delete blocks of worksheets by clicking the first sheet tab, holding down the Shift key and then click the last sheet tab. IMPORTANT! You cannot undo deleting worksheets so double check your selection before clicking delete.
  • satnam w comment: can you please tell me how to add or subtract a column
    • Motion Training comment: Hi. First, click anywhere in the row or column you want to delete. Right click and from the shortcut menu click Delete. Finally, select 'Entire row' or 'Entire column' depending on what you want to remove and click OK. Hope that helps.
  • Barrie C comment: Thanks, that was great - clear, informative and very helpful.
  • Diana K comment: how to enter dates
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Diana, you enter a date just the way you might write it on a letter. To enter 5th November 2013 in USA date format type 11/5/13 and press Enter. For much more on date and time entry and formatting see my lesson 'Date & Time Formats in Excel 2010'. Hope that helps.
  • Tracy O comment: Thank you. Very straight-forward and easy to follow.
  • Carole M comment: how do I make the spread sheet add weekly dates instead of monthly please?
  • Earnestine A comment: thanks for the basic understanding i needed that!
  • Rooya K comment: Very concise, to the point, visually appealing! Excellent beginner's lesson in my opinion!!
  • Gwen G comment: I learnt things I didn't know after using for years, Thank You for sharing. Gwen
  • Jennifer S comment: Picked up several tips. Thank you.
  • Maghoul G comment: Thank u a lot. It is so helpful!
  • Carol R comment: Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge. I am truly greatful.
  • excel123 e comment: Wow, this is just fantastic! I recently lost a contract position because of their budget. I want to learn more and more Excel; as I find it fascinating and am looking everyday for my last job which I hope to love. Money is an issue right now and to see this without cost has just warmed my heart. Thank YOU. Diana
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Diana, thank you for the message and I'm pleased the lessons have been so helpful for you. Thanks for watching! regards, Guy
  • Lowri a comment: So clearly and simply presented. Thank you.
  • Sonia S comment: That was great - learnt a lot and need to practise, appreciate this
  • victor f comment: Pretty cool, I learned a lot.
  • Debbie D comment: Thank you very much, feeling a lot more confident going to my interview for testing
  • John R comment: Very easy to understand lesson.
  • Shanae C comment: how did you get the numbers to stretch across?
    • Rhiana M comment: Thank you sooo much !
    • Motion Training comment: Hi Rhiana. To clear formatting, first select the cell or group of cells you want to change. Next, make sure the Home tab is selected and on the right side of the toolbar, in the Editing section, click the Clear button. On the dropdown menu options click on 'Clear Formats. Hope that helps.
  • Ada A comment: Great lesson, you kept it simple
  • Ajnoh Z comment: thank you..looking forward to purchase
  • Paul R comment: Hello, How do I plot a 600 degree isotherm in an excel chart?
  • Kathy G comment: Very easy to understand
  • Samantha B comment: Thank you, i really enjoyed today's lesson as i am starting a new job in February and need to update my skills! I'm not a big lover of Excel but you spoke clearly and very easy to understand and learn.
  • Astyn P comment: Thank you this was very helpful
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi Albert. I believe you can re watch the lessons as often as you want to. Click the Support button at the bottom of the page to contact Curious.com and they'll be able to give you a definite answer. Hope that helps and thanks for watching. Regards, Guy.
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi Jeanise, I am preparing lesson explaining how to use the IF function and nested IF functions. However the structure of a 2-level nested IF function is basically as follows: =IF(B10=100, "Top Score",IF(B10>75,"Pretty good","Try harder!"))
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi. Excel probably thinks your entry is an e-mail address. To fix this, right-click on the cell containing the '@' and from the shortcut menu click on 'Remove Hyperlink'. Hope that helps.
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi. As an example, to freeze rows 1 & 2, click into cell A3 then click the View tab. Click the 'Freeze Panes' button and click Freeze Panes (this freezes all rows above and columns to the left of the selected cell). To unfreeze, just follow the same steps. There are other options on the Freeze Panes menu you might find useful. Hope that helps.
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi. If you have Excel 2007,2010 or 2013 the AutoSum button is found on the Home tab, over on the right, in the 'Editing' section. On older versions of Excel it can be found on the Standard toolbar. Hope that helps.
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi Pratik, You can add text boxes to your worksheet to label your triangle. To do this click the Insert tab and then click the Text Box button. On your spreadsheet click & drag with the mouse to create the size of the box you need. Finally type the label. You can click & drag the text box to move it later if you need to. A future lesson will cover using text boxes and other graphics in Excel. Hope that helps.
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    • Motion Training comment: Hi Jill, when you sort data it's better to simply click in the column you need to sort (instead of selecting the column). I will have more lessons including working with the Sort & Filter options soon.
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