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    Myles Power
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  2. Is Molten Glass Transparent?
    The Nerd Report
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    William Spaniel
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Related Rates

by integralCALC

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  • Sabal P comment: awesome, a lot helpful
  • Sabal P comment: awesome, but the answer in the earlier wuestion was supposed to be 2/(45 PI)
    • Aubrey C comment: That's correct; the answer in the example most likely comes from another similar problem.
  • Sabal P comment: It's good but the rate of change of angles made by the ladder with the ground is also very important.
  • Vjaceslav J comment: Thank you very much
  • Jordyn T comment: When I simplify 10=4pi(7.5)^2(dr/dt) I get 10/225pi = (dr/dt), not 10/217pi = (dr/dt). What have I done wrong?
    • Jordyn T comment: It's okay! Keep at it. I look forward to future lessons, if they're in the works.
    • integralCALC comment: they are! :) if you ever need more videos, i have hundreds on my website: integralCALC.com. :)
    • Jordyn T comment: Oh, thanks. I'm ashamed to say I wasn't aware that you did things outside of this website. I just stumbled across your YouTube. Combined with Khan Academy, I should be a calc genius in no time!
    • integralCALC comment: Yup I have a bunch more on YouTube and my website integralcalc.com. :) Glad I can help!
    • integralCALC comment: You haven't! You're right, it should be 225, not 217. Sorry about that, and good catch!! :D
  • Glories A comment: Thank You.