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Functions vs. Equations

by integralCALC

0:00 | 5:22
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  • michael m comment: Delivered the subject matter very well.
  • Marion P comment: should I know formulas first when learning to solve calculus
  • morgan h comment: its to let you know that the number after the little 'tent' is an exponent. so if something says 4^2 it really means 4 x 4
  • Angela w comment: Thanks, I appreciate your hep!
  • Michael H comment: it is great!
  • Robert B comment: Can't wait to get into the meat of calculus
  • vanessa v comment: whats the easiest way to learn calculus when you're 10 years old?
    • Krista K comment: make sure first that you're really good with algebra. from there, google "calculus and limits".... and let me know if you have trouble! :)
  • Allan P comment: Thanks for the refresher. I think this course will be very useful. One Love!
  • joni d comment: It's been 40 years since I took calculus. This is on my bucket list!
  • bailey m comment: when I was in the sixth grade i didn't turn my homework in so they stuck me ion regular math for another year so in the eighth grade i took pre-algebra now I'm getting ready to go into the ninth grade and i really want to get a good grade in algebra. How would I go about doing that? do you have any suggestions?
  • Shane B comment: Found it a bit complicated. haven't done calculas since high school in the 70s'.
  • Rafael D comment: Good stuff
  • Channa T comment: i do not understand..
  • Charles S comment: What does the little tent mean?
  • Kevin C comment: Refreshing my brain before university, it's been over a year since I've taken Calculus! This is perfect, thank you!
  • jacinta k comment: If i invest K50 a year for 40 years toward my POSF savings, and earn 8% a year on my investments, how much will i have when i retire?
    • bailey m comment: you would have aprx. $2,160,000
    • Christopher T comment: Actually according to my calculations the total at the end of 40 yrs would be 1,086,226.075
  • Andy A comment: thanks, your teaching is so exquisite.
  • Megan E comment: Very clear and easy to understand!
  • Carlos S comment: try not to speak so fast
  • Andy A comment: loved it.
  • Airis G comment: I thought the functions vs. Equations was very helpful I understood everything, I think I just might be prepared for Calculus come May
  • Jamshid A comment: This lessen was very interesting.
  • Christopher T comment: "jacinta k commented: If i invest K50 a year for 40 years toward my POSF savings, and earn 8% a year on my investments, how much will i have when i retire?" Answer: 1,086,226.075
  • scott w comment: it certainly helped refresh my memory about calculus. Thanks