Crochet Swirl Sun Hat | Pt 1

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Crochet Swirl Sun Hat | Pt 1

by The Crochet Zombie

0:00 | 10:12

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  • MK S comment: I would love to make this had but because I am unable to follow the directions I never will. I am 89 years old and the lessons go to fast for me and my hearing is not that good. Is there any way I can get the written directions? I am a good crocheter and knitter but because of my age written directions would be better. Thank you - MK St.marttin
  • Georgia M comment: I clicked on the paperclip, but the next thing on the computer was Hats and Beanies and it would not do anything. Georgia
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: There should be a link for my website where you can find the written pattern :)
  • Victoria F comment: You are a great teacher, you explain every detail instead of thinking the students know what your talking about...
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: Thank you, I try to make it easy for all levels of crocheters :)
  • Catherine G comment: love your clear, concise teaching style as well as your sense of humour
  • Nancy C comment: You should not say this lesson is free if on the 3rd row you are asked to pay to continue. Not very nice
  • rita d comment: really liked it
  • Marla S comment: Very clear instructions. I haven't done crochet in ages but you have inspired me to get back into it!
  • Marla S comment: Great video!
  • Barbara B comment: Very clear with your instructions. Thanks.
  • Toni C comment: It's a good thing we have a pause button, i'm not as fast as I used to be. Your are doing a wonderful job of showing me how to do this, I need the pattern. Again thank you
  • Annette M comment: The lesson is very clear, thank you. you have a southing voice. greetings from Cancun, Mexico
  • Janis C comment: I an a little confused, took me a minute to see where you put the last stitches on this round. SORRY.
  • KimBill C comment: Thank you it is nice to follow you work have learned a lot from you
  • Roseline M comment: Thank you for lesson.
  • ana s comment: thanks love it
  • Jennifer L comment: Have to pause occasionally but your speed is great.
  • Lnda H comment: Great Job, thanks
  • michelle j comment: very good teacher.
  • Marla P comment: Did not get to finish lesson. It zipped right thru. Thx but no thanks
  • Rosa Maria O comment: I love the hat. Ready for spring!!! Rosa
  • KimLisa R comment: Thank you! It was great that I could understand you clearly. Can't wait to get started.
  • michelle j comment: can you print this pattern?
  • Cindy C comment: love this pattern, I got to spend some time watching to make this.
  • Debbie M comment: I would like to make this sun hat for my adult girls. Is there a pattern for adult?
    • Meme S comment: Where do I find the written pattern please
    • Debbie M comment: I'm a beginner and this seems confusing without it written out in a pattern. Thank you for your response though
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: There is a link in the attachments where you can find a hat sizing chart that can help you with sizing :)
  • joe l comment: I aim to better myself and my crochet with each subsequent project so as to build towards mastery of this thing called crochet. I had not done anything with the beginning clusters before and I love this very usable pattern. We are starting a crochet club and I will recommend this site to all my co clubbers. Love this pattern and you have such lovely hands and a great voice for these tutorials. thank you very much JL
  • Vikki H comment: You are by far the best teacher so far. I love the way you simply show in detail, slowly, exactly how to do each step over and over. Thanks so very much!
  • Pia K comment: Loved the lesson. Seeing it makes it so understandable
  • Michelle H comment: this was great.. thank you
  • diane c comment: looks simple enough
  • Anita A comment: Good instruction easy to follow. Where is the rest of the instruction for the hat?
  • Corinne S comment: how much yarn do you need?
  • Marge S comment: Like how clearly the stitches were shown. Will have to go over the lesson again and try the technique as the lesson is given. Looks like a really cute hat.
  • jan G comment: do you have written pattern?
  • Carol H comment: Such a great teacher! It was so easy to understand.You're great.
  • Meme S comment: Where can I find the written pattern please for future reference. Sorry I wrote my question in the wrong area before.
  • Peggy C comment: please repeat double crochet cluster.
  • erna t comment: thank you, very nice pattern and very instructive video
  • Vera R comment: very clear...best I've seen for viewing and following
  • Jane S comment: great lesson
  • Christine W comment: It was one of the best crochet lessons I have seen! Thank you!
    • Christine W comment: Your very welcome. I did enjoy your lesson very much... But I was wondering if you could please let me know if there was a way to be able to make the same hat for an adult? I think it would be a wonderful gardening hat!
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: Thank you very much :) I am glad you enjoyed the lesson
  • Charlene J comment: I like the hat, and would like to make it for a adult. Is there a conversion chart for this pattern?
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: There is a link in the attachments section for a hat sizing chart :)
  • Meme S comment: At the end of this round it said that if I was feeling lost to see the pattern attachment. I'm not lost but would like to find the written pattern is please where do I find it
  • Meme S comment: Looking good so far. You teach well and I am looking forward to finishing the hat. Thanks
  • Dolores R comment: I like this. Want one for adult size.
  • DJuana D comment: Great lesson!
  • Nadia s comment: Greate teacher
  • Blanca R comment: That's a very neat looking easy pattern. Thank you!
  • Nancy G comment: Very clear instructions!
  • Marie B comment: First time on here and your directions are perfect, thank you, you have a nice calm slow voice so I can keep up with you, thank you. Do you have a pattern or know where I can get one for EASY crocheted leggings for an adult? Our daughter lives in the cold north and would like a pr of leggings, I have made her several hats and scarfs already. Many thanks. Marie Brady, jabrady@verizon.net
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: I am glad you enjoyed the lesson. I will see what I can come up with for a leggings lesson for you :)
  • Bernie S comment: Easy to follow.
  • doris j comment: my question is please go back to the begining. i missed out when i went up to get my yarn and needle
    • Kelly C comment: How do I get the written patteren for the swirl hat?
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: You should be able to go back to the beginning and rewatch the lesson ;)
  • Gwendolyn V comment: That was great,will have to replay when I have the materials and try my hands at it.(If I can still hold the hook).
  • Banu J comment: Thanks and show the nex part
  • Leticia H comment: Lovely hat, great explanation!
  • Judy G comment: I really like your lesson I can stop it and go back if I don't understand it. I'm a slow learner and I'm a visual learner. thank you so much. your lesson is very easy to follow.
  • Angela G comment: It's there a reason why I am having so much trouble viewing this video? It started off ok but after a minute or so started to jump and stutter and I can't make it stop. Impossible to follow along.
  • Kimberly T comment: I love it! Very concise, clear instructions!! :)
  • Debbie M comment: So very helpful. This is fun! Loved the neighbor comment! LOL
  • Diana S comment: the pattern doesn't seem to go along with the video. where is round 4
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: Hmmm rnd 4 should be there, I will double check the pattern :)
  • alicia m comment: thank you very clear cant wait to try it
  • Judy G comment: if this class is to be free then why part way through the lesson do we have to pay?
  • daisy p comment: ya i loved your lesson
  • Amany A comment: I Like it , and will try with my plastic yearn to make new sun hat .......Thanks my Teacher ....!!
  • Amany A comment: Thanks so much you are good teacher .
  • Cheryl H comment: Cute hat-seems like simple pattern.
  • Maria S comment: Thanks????
  • Rosaleen G comment: thank you, so easy to follow
  • Renee H comment: Seeing where to place the stitches is for me more important than reading the instructions from a pattern. Thanks for the lesson!
  • kathleen e comment: Your explanations are great. Can I print this pattern for further use?
  • Dolly N comment: precise & clear given instructions :)))
  • Marie Lourdes N comment: Glad to follow your lesson. Will try to do it. How the pattern finish?
  • Deborah L comment: Can I get a written pattern. I cannot crochet that fast. Awesome lesson!
  • Meme S comment: Thank you for the lesson. Looking forward to knowing the whole pattern so I can make the hat.
  • judith h comment: great lesson
  • Kaye A comment: I love the looki of this hat but I need the written pattern for an adult,,,the attachment was for a child...do you have one for an adult...I want to make me one and I need to have the instuctions in writing in front of me...I write them down to lay out in front of me when I crochet...thank you...
  • Jeanne B comment: the lesson wasn't complete. unless there is a part that shows the brim, this is not the sun hat shown. not happy here.
  • Hidayaa R comment: so cool for beginner like me ! easyyyy
  • Charles C comment: Just downloaded the pattern, now I have to figure out how much to increase for an adult hat. Your video, showing the DC cluster, was good. Never heard of that stitch !!
  • willie b comment: do you have something similar to this for beginners who can't keep up?
  • Thelma n comment: Great lesson.....
  • Carola B comment: Excellent tutorial.
  • Rita S comment: The sizing chart and pattern attachments are showing errors.
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: no it is not, however you can make it larger by adding an increase round and a couple height rounds :)
    • Delia T comment: what does it mean that I pay '2 coins'?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Rita, do you mean you can't download them? Here's where to find them (note, you must be logged in to Curious!): Look in the upper right corner of the lesson. Hover over the paperclip - you'll see "Swirl Sun Hat Pattern". Click there for printable instructions.
    • Rejitha R comment: Is this size is enough for 1year Baby
  • Karen M comment: Thank you so much for this demonstration! It will be the perfect finish to the headband I'm making for my little 2 year old great-niece.
  • Mary W comment: Very good lesson
  • Carol J comment: need to make this hat for an adult
  • DEB W comment: I think I am really gonna like this!!
  • Bonita E comment: Sometimes,it went too fast,had to pause and restart several times. I guess,I am inexperienced.
  • Alvina D comment: Great job of showing what to do and telling you about it.
  • carolyn d comment: how can I get the pattern? I love it' thanks!! great lesson!!
    • Curious Support comment: Thank you Karen, for being so helpful!
    • Karen G comment: If you look above on the video & see the paperclip....hover your mouse there & you will see Swirl Sun Hat Pattern, click there for printable directions.
  • Elizabeth C comment: Were do i get the pattern for swirl sunhat?
    • Karen G comment: If you look above on the video & see the paperclip....hover your mouse there & you will see Swirl Sun Hat Pattern, click there for printable directions.
  • Jean V comment: Crochet Zombie is very concise and her video is well done. I enjoyed her lesson, as well as the project. My grand daughter, Khloe, will look even more adorable in this sun hat. Thank you Ms. Crochet Zombie.
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: I am so glad you enjoyed the lesson :) I am sure your granddaughter will be the cutest little girl on the block :)
  • Lynda G comment: Love the lesson and I am always looking for more patterns for hats. I have just started to crochet and the step by step instructions are awesome.
  • Juanita M comment: so far so good
  • TUHEIAVA M comment: Très facile de vous suivre merci pour ce cours
  • Donna G comment: Very easy to follow!
  • joan w comment: easy to understand - thanks
  • Sharon B comment: I loved this lesson.... Thanks
  • Lois D comment: How do I get the pattern? Love your lessons.
    • Karen G comment: If you look above on the video & see the paperclip....hover your mouse there & you will see Swirl Sun Hat Pattern, click there for printable directions.
  • Babette M comment: Great lesson
  • Iris M comment: How can I get instructions for these patterns?
    • Karen G comment: If you look above on the video & see the paperclip....hover your mouse there & you will see Swirl Sun Hat Pattern, click there for printable directions.
  • Cindy D comment: Just a little slower please.
  • deborah s comment: exceptional
  • jan s comment: needed birthday gift for grand da this is it!
  • Suzanne W comment: Very clear instructions and just the right speed.
  • Angelina N comment: How can I get instruction starting Round4
    • The Crochet Zombie comment: You can find a link to the written pattern in the attachments section :)