How to Make a Sure-Fire Fire Starter

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How to Make a Sure-Fire Fire Starter

by How I Pinch A Penny

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  • Craig B comment: Thx
  • Alice F comment: Cool idea!!
  • Fernando C comment: Great use of dryer lint! Thanks!
  • John w comment: Great idea. Looking forward to trying it.
  • Karen k comment: Very simple way to use recycled products
  • Karen A comment: Ok. Silly question. Do I just put the carton in the pit under the wood and light it?
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: The only silly question is the question not asked Karen. YES. Put the carton under the wood and light.
  • Linda K comment: a good recycling project too. Now just find the cardboard egg cartons.
  • Mery K comment: Very short and easy and well done lesson.
  • Linda G comment: Thank you Sarah for this great idea.
  • Alberta F comment: great lesson. thanks
  • Sarah D comment: That's awesome! I can't wait to give it a try, thanks for the tips!
  • Lenore D comment: This is an excellent tip, but most of my stores only have the styrafoam cartons. An suggestions for the carton replacement?
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: Hmmm.. I would not be burning styrofoam cartons. Try toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes. Just be sure to pack them tightly.
  • family f comment: Tnku good way to 'recycle'
  • Kathy G comment: I did this with dryer lint and candle wax from leftover candles. Works great. Like this method cause I don't have to melt wax.
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: Melting way can be messy. But it keeps the lint and paper from flying all over the place. My method works when you are out of wax or need to make a starter on the fly.
  • Nicole M comment: great use of recycled goods
  • Donna D comment: I cut them individually and melt candle wax on them, they burn for a longer period
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: That is a great point Donna. I do that at times too. But mostly I am too lazy to do so!
  • Annie O comment: That was a great tip. Although I do have a fire pit type item, sometimes getting the authorizes to recognize it is approved is difficult and I have only used it once. But I will pass it onto my friends who do fire pit burn all the time. Thanks
  • Inez N comment: On a frugal budget this is a wonderful way to same a LOT on our winter fireplace warming the house. Thank you for this wonderful tip.
  • Betty S comment: Love it, I am passing this along to my kids. It will be a safe way to start the fires when we go camping. Very good info.
  • Vennie K comment: Super cool idea thanks
  • Bri R comment: Thanks Sara, this was interesting ;) Bri
  • joanne g comment: great idea for recycling thanks
  • Holly R comment: Thanks for the tip, I will use it this summer camping for sure!
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: We use them all the time in the summer when we camp. It makes lighting fires so easy! Good luck Holly.
  • merry s comment: Nice ways to use the throwaway items. You do have to eat eggs, stred paper and dry your clothes in a dryer to get the items you need.
  • Candy B comment: Burning up the shredded paper is a great idea! I used to make similar firestarters when we were camping. I left the egg carton by my dryer and filled the "cups" as I emptied my dryer. When I had a bunch filled, I melted old candles (using a double boiler) and poured the wax into each cup. When cooled and hardened, you can snap off one cup and the wax will let it burn long enough to start your fire! I'm going to try it with shreddings and wax, too!!
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: I love your multitasking Candy. I have a bag near my dryer full of lint.
  • Nereida M comment: cute idea.
  • mary g comment: We did these years ago with melted candle stubs. This is much safer. Thanks for the idea. I like your pleasant attitude and voice.
  • Kim S comment: Thank you for the information. Will this same method work for wood stoves? That is how we heat our home and I would love to know how to save money on fire starters for that.
  • Melody S comment: Awesome idea! Love it!
  • Barbara C comment: This is a very good way to start fires for the grill, and also your outdoor pan for sit around fires. Also I like the idea of making several up, and storing them until needed.
  • Ale M comment: Useful and recycle!!! Good for U!
  • Nicole L comment: I make these with dryer lint and melted down used candles that don't serve me anymore. They are great for camping and last about 15 minutes. Enough time for the fire to be well started. And now I have use for my shredded paper. Thanks.
  • Lois g comment: Great tip. Well done video. You look like a fun camper
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: Thanks Lois! I have been camping my entire life. It is a lot of fun. Check out my Camp Fire Pizza recipe on my blog: http://www.howipinchapenny.com/2013/06/campfire-pizza-i-will-show-you-my-technique/
  • Lou Ann F comment: Thank you, I will look at others you have created!
  • Lori C comment: Great idea! Cant wait to go camping!
  • Barb D comment: Great advice and thanks for sharing!
  • Wendy D comment: that is cool thank you
  • Iliana C comment: Great to know this tip I would like to see how it start to flame
  • Laura R comment: Great recycling lesson. Thank you, Sarah!
  • Sharon V comment: Great idea. Thanks
  • Sylvia S comment: Good idea. Nice presentation.
  • nina c comment: love the it! Thanks Penny.
  • Judy Lyn G comment: wonderful idea
  • nina c comment: What a saving, I don't have to buy fire fluid any more. Tks Penny
  • Cheryl W comment: Great way to recycle.
  • Lorraine S comment: Love this lesson quicker than the one I do with egg carton dryer lint and melted wax
    • How I Pinch A Penny comment: Thanks Lorraine. I do that one too. But I don't always have wax on hand. :)
  • Jennifer S comment: Totally loved this recycable idea. I have already started to do it since we burn our twigs and roast our doggies too! Thank you!
  • Bobbi H comment: Great why to recycle and get rid of shredded documents.
  • Alice F comment: Great idea!!!
  • Jessica D comment: thanks for the tip!
  • Molly W comment: Thank you so much! Here's a coin!
  • jill k comment: So creative!
  • barb a comment: great idea. thanks
  • Dane G comment: Sounds like a good idea. I'll try it.
  • Rebecca C comment: I knew to use dryer lint, but this idea is soooo much better!!!! Thank you!!!
  • shirley z comment: Thank you I am amazed at how many things you can use for fire starters and this is one more good tip.
  • Bobbi M comment: Excellent ideas. Thanks
  • Martina M comment: Thank-you so much for all this valuable information. Love it! You have a wonderful week.
  • Helen W comment: do you use the whole carton to start the fire
  • Arlene L comment: Great idea! I will start collecting today. Love it, love it, love it.
  • Ron C comment: Thanks. Good idea!