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Common Words and Phrases in Spanish

by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

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  • Lynn S comment: I loved this and I wish there was more to this. This really just works like on the Pimseluer approach, and it was so easy to work with.
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi Lynn! Thanks for your comment! Take a look at our next lesson here on Curious. We are working hard to bring you more videos...they are on the way. For now, you can also check out our website! Thanks again!!
  • Bre O comment: i love this lesson
  • Kaliyah B comment: How do i write a description about me in Spanish for secondary school?
  • Floyd J comment: Felicitaciones! You are a great teacher! Thank you.
  • linda m comment: Very helpful, I like it.
  • Catty W comment: thank you so much you are so helpful
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Thank you for your kind comment. Please let me know if you have any questions on any of our materials. I am here to help however I can and I LOVE doing so!
  • Deborah H comment: I loved the lesson. It was so easy and clear.
  • makeyla h comment: this was awsome i learend so much
  • Patricia H comment: Thank you
  • jason c comment: great job
  • makeyla h comment: this is perrfect because im taking spanish next year
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi again Makeyla, that is perfect! These videos will help prepare you for Spanish next year. I hope they help you to feel more comfortable with the language and more confident too.
  • Margie C comment: really learning Spanish, can't believe it
  • Margie C comment: so easy and it works
  • Bobbie E comment: thank you this was so easy to understand
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hola Bobbie, you are welcome! I love your comment because we want to make it easier for you to be able to learn Spanish. I hope you continue with the lessons. Please keep me posted!
  • casey k comment: good job I am learning more spanish than ever@!
  • Sunil N comment: Excellent practical and fun way to learn a foreign language!
  • Carrie Y comment: What does "grande" mean(, when he says "hola, grande!"?)
  • mary w comment: good lesson! how do I review?
  • Michael R comment: It was great my daughter learned alot in this lesson. It was easy for her to comprehend. Thanks!
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi Michael, thanks so much for your kind comment. I hope your daughter continues learning with us. As you advance, and there are more vocabulary words, remember that it is totally okay (and even suggested) to do the same lesson a few times to let the words really sink in. Happy learning!
  • Lynh N comment: Thank you. Very good lesson.
  • Mya G comment: I am learning how to speak Spanish yaaaay
  • mary w comment: i would like to review the lesson
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi Mary, thank you! We would love for you to review the lesson. You can review it on Curious right here or write something and email it to me at kit@foreignlanguagesforkids.com for our website and/or facebook page. Any of these would be great. Thank you very much!
  • Leane M comment: Aww. Well done. Very nice lesson.
  • Elaine H comment: What a great way to learn a language! I would love to see more of these!
  • rita m comment: Thank you very much for my spanish lesson.
  • Kathleen G comment: gracias for you
  • alexa H comment: This is very helpful. I just wish the whole lesson was free, so I can actually use it. It's organized very well, and they make it very simple for people to understand.
  • Kenny B comment: love this stuff this is really good teaching
  • Sherri S comment: My kind of Spanish. I love kid made language learning.
  • Tairin D comment: Thank you for making this video for me I am only 11 and I want to learn fluent Spanish its just that I don't have money for the other videos.
  • kathy h comment: great video! really easy to learn!
  • kathy h comment: Very easy to learn and very enjoyable!
  • Christopher L comment: espanol es muy interesante gracias senora
  • Kathy C comment: Fantastic video. Not only did my kids enjoy it but i did as well. Educational and fun the perfect combination. Looking forward to seeing all the other videos. What an amazing concept this is!
  • ftgfi g comment: THANK YOU! My son appericates this a lot. Spanish is fun
  • elisabeth w comment: I really like this lesson. thank you very much.
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi Elisabeth. Thank you for your kind comment. I really like that you are learning Spanish and hope that you continue! Please keep me posted on how it goes.
  • tulip f comment: how do you say tulip in Spanish
  • Liz L comment: I appreciate how each new lesson reviews information from the previous one. This reminder is very helpful. Each lesson is a fun and valuable way to learn Spanish. The activities (quizzes) throughout the video, and the culminating project ending each, are engaging ways to participate and learn Spanish. Plus, I think the feedback offered after submitting each answer is funny and cute ;)
  • Trumaine t comment: i think i might need a challenge
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hola Trumaine, the videos gradually become more difficult. If you keep watching, I think that you will find that you are more challenged. Please let us know!
  • Patrice W comment: Love this lesson
  • Kristine V comment: it was fun and easy
  • kiria o comment: thanks some of those words i didnt know
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hola Kiria, sounds like you are off to a good start. Many more vocabulary words are introduced in the lessons to come. Keep up the good work!
  • Kristine V comment: it was fun and easy
  • Andrea F comment: This is great .. The kids love it ..
    • Kit S comment: Hi Andrea, Thank you! More lessons are coming soon so your children should be quite busy for awhile! I think you will be happy with how much they will learn as they progress through the videos!
    • Andrea F comment: Great .. That's what I was looking for .. Thank you
    • Kit S comment: You are very welcome!
  • Emmy E comment: thank you!!
  • Belinda R comment: Me parece muy bueno! me gustaria ver mas lecciones antes de comprar tu producto.
  • Violet S comment: I think this was easy and I liked the video
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hola Violet, thank you for your comment. Sometimes learning a new language can be a little intimidating so we wanted to try to make it easier and fun. I am glad you liked it. I hope you continue with the lessons; I think you will learn a lot. Please let me know if you have any questions as you advance through the videos. Happy learning!
  • David F comment: Excellent video. It was entertaining, informative and easy to follow. A great way for adults and children.
  • John F comment: this is great for my 6 year old.
  • Johanne O comment: I loved the video and my daughter did too. It was easy to comprehend and we remember what we learned. Bravo!!!
  • Carlos A comment: Gracias!!!
  • Sadie R comment: Thank you for helping me learn Spanish!
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: I am very happy to help you learn Spanish, Sadie! Please keep it up and feel free to contact us with any questions. Please keep us posted on how it goes! Happy learning!
  • evan f comment: this is confusing
  • Brooklyn W comment: So far very good.
  • Linda H comment: it is easy to use.
  • Julius Jailynn M comment: this helps alot!!!!!
  • Stephanie L comment: Never thought learning Spanish would be so easy and fun! Eli is a great teacher!
    • Kenny B comment: oo ok cool thanks
    • Kit S comment: Thank you! We are so glad you liked it. Let us know if you have any questions!
    • Kit S comment: It's ok to watch a part a few times -- repetition is your friend. Make sure you watch the episodes in order!
  • Stephanie L comment: This lesson was funny and educational! The boys are such great teachers! I love how each lesson is composed. I am learning a lot!
  • Carole N comment: thank you for the lesson
  • MIKE A comment: great way to teach me by show and tell
  • Carole N comment: I am having fun
  • Claudia S comment: Thank you.
  • nyree s comment: i never knew what donde esta means
  • Lauren Z comment: good job! :)
  • Danial M comment: These videos are a great tool to help kids learn Spanish in a comfortable setting with ease of understanding, and reinforcement of the material learned via brief quizzes.
  • love w comment: thank you for this it helps i go to middles school next year and I'm doing spanish
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hello, I am so glad you have a chance to do these lessons before you start Spanish in middle school. I think and hope that they will help you and that you will feel a lot more comfortable when you start Spanish next year. If you do several videos, I think that you will start becoming quite accustomed to Spanish sounds and also will know many basic words and phrases already. PLEASE keep me posted on how it goes!
  • Lisa T comment: Is this based on a true story? It is funny and a great way to learn a language. How did you come up with the idea?
    • Kit S comment: Hi Lisa! I put together all the best techniques into one video series to make learning Spanish as easy as fun as I thought was possible. A lot of the story is true: Andy always has a book in his hand; Eli loves eating; and Parker loves any sport with a ball. I took these qualities and made them into a story that I thought a lot of kids and parents could relate to.
  • Luz O comment: Parker desayuno!
  • Danial M comment: Great video quality! Easy to understand, and just long enough for a child to sit through and play over and over.
  • Ariyana E. C comment: dónde está means where are you.
  • joyce c comment: Very easy to understand. Gracias!
  • lisa m comment: great lesson,gracias
  • Devin s comment: it help me learn some words
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Great. Each progressing lesson becomes more challenging as more words are introduced. You will find as you move along that you are learning more vocabulary at a quicker pace.
  • Jon S comment: I liked breakfast,
    • Kit S comment: So glad! We almost have lunch ready!
  • Gregory D comment: Very comfortable and fun way to learn spanish. Great job
  • Tonya D comment: Wow! This looks great. My child learns more when she sees other children. Can't wait to explore this site with her.
  • Hailey R comment: I love this web site
  • samantha t comment: thank you,im Spanish and I didn't know manzana
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Great! We love filling in the gaps to what you already know! Please let us know if you learn other words or phrases as you progress. Happy learning!
  • yanett m comment: My daughter like the lesson, she is 6 and she will like to continue with the lessons. thank you.
  • julia v comment: I will have to review the lesson to make sure my child remembers. Thanks
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Julia, great comment! As the lessons progress, we consistently repeat vocabulary previously taught but we do so in new contexts. We believe this is a more interesting and effective approach. In subsequent lessons, new vocabulary builds on what has been previously taught. For these reasons, we suggest that a student watch each lesson as many times as necessary for him or her to understand and feel comfortable with the vocabulary, and then proceed to the next lesson.
  • Robert L comment: Thanks very much
  • jada b comment: love the lesson
  • Jaden B comment: Great! How are you?
  • vicki e comment: i like it nice and easy for beginners
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: 100% agreed! A gradual way for beginners to start learning. It starts to pick up in the 4th lesson. Let me know what you think, please, Vicki! Thanks for doing our lessons and providing us with feedback.
  • Jessica B comment: Very interesting way of delivering information. I like it!
  • Abriana C comment: thank you for teaching me spanish
  • robbie b comment: i hope to remember gracias
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hi Robbie,
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Robbie, remember when learning a foreign language, repetition is your friend. Watch each of these videos many times if you want; you want to feel very comfortable with each video before advancing to the next one. Each of our videos gets a little harder and uses the words taught in the previous one so it is okay (recommended even) to take your time going through them!
  • Linda h comment: Thank you!
  • tatyana b comment: This lesson is great
  • Adaalya H comment: Awesome ! 5 stars
  • Charlotte W comment: Very fun
  • Nicole C comment: very helpfull!
  • Kennedy B comment: im having so fun
  • Joseph J comment: Thanks helped a lot.
  • alyssa j comment: thank you for helping me
  • samaya w comment: i love the lesson
  • Daylor H comment: this is a good program to get yir kid speaking spanish wish my mom did this for me whn i was little
  • charislena w comment: its awsome i real want to learn spainsh like eveything pover teach me
  • malaysia c comment: im just finiding this website but how do i start my classes???
  • Kacie T comment: Thank you so much.
  • Merranie N comment: Just sat with my 6 year old twins for this lesson - they loved it. Thank you.
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hello Merranie, thank you! Your twins are at an excellent age to learn and it sounds like they are off to a great start. Please keep me posted on how it goes!
  • Trevor T comment: do lunch please
  • Ingrid P comment: This is great! I am sitting with my son and he is really enjoying it. What a great way to reinforce the Spanish he is already getting.
  • Paulette C comment: Hello Good afternoon I found this website in seach for programs to start teaching my son Spanish does anyone have any advice
    • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Hello Paulette, that's great that you want to teach your son Spanish. How old is he? To start, I would recommend watching the Curious videos in order. I suggest only advancing to the next video when he is comfortable and feels that he understands most of the video he is watching. The videos are designed to build on each other so they work best when used this way. We are soon adding several more lessons so your son will be able to learn a lot with these lessons!
    • elizabeth m comment: love un monja
  • kim h comment: i love the way you teach
  • chantell w comment: I love spanish
  • derray d comment: think you for that.
  • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Thank you!
  • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Thank you!
  • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Thanks again Amy!
  • Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® comment: Thanks, Jason.
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