How to Play the Ukulele | Introduction

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How to Play the Ukulele | Introduction

by Ukulele for Beginners

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  • alex h comment: digging learning to play my uke !
  • Mindy S comment: Thanks so much!! very comprehesive
  • M H comment: nicely done
  • Tamson H comment: very interesting, and usful
  • Damian B comment: I have never played any musical instrument in my life, nor do I own any ...but I enjoyed the lesson dearly. For some reason I have fallen in love with an Uke, so I am looking forward to learning online before giving it a go in real life. I guess for starters I'll have to buy myself one!
  • Jo R comment: Love your song 'Constantly' reminiscent of Paul Anka's famous golden oldie 'You are my destiny' in both the words and the tune. regards Jo
  • Thomas G comment: I found this lesson very use full as i found one of these videos on you tube and thought i would give it a try. Thank you
  • Jim M comment: Nice presentation.
  • don b comment: Friendly delivery gives hope where there wasn't all that much!
  • Billie P comment: Thank you, now I know I will be able to play my Christmas present!
  • Brian C comment: How do I know what chord to use for what tune?
    • Ukulele for Beginners comment: The simplest way is to search the net for uke song sites. I like Doctor Uke. Look him up on Google.
  • Serina W comment: Your lesson is awesome. I enjoyed it very much. I started taking lessons last night at the Folklore store here in Ottawa. I think watching your videos will help me learn better.
  • crisette r comment: Thankyou very helpful.
  • jan c comment: i love you so far!!!!
  • christine c comment: great start thanks
  • Katie A comment: we loved this lesson. You sound really patient and kind. And fun. Thanks.
  • Jackson K comment: Thanks we liked your lesson and are keen for more.
  • Sel J comment: Looks good
  • James Reed comment: This lesson is great!
  • Sharon D comment: This is a great site. I'm not anxious to get my Uke and start practicing. Use to sing with a big band and various vocal groups. Now this way I don't have to rely on any musicians - I can be my own accompaniment.
  • Sandra T comment: It all sounds great but it's when we get to strumming a struggle hope you can help as I have no rhythm
  • Angela G comment: Thank you,the lesson was great.