Five-Minute Makeup Routine

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Five-Minute Makeup Routine

by Pink Pistachio

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  • Aaliyah G comment: wat is the point
  • Aaliyah G comment: this is cool
  • Heather L comment: Thanks for the lesson. I really like all your stuff.
  • Heather S comment: Thanks, I don't wear makeup because I find it difficult to put together; this lesson really helped. I already have most of the products here.
  • Heather L comment: You look great.
  • Theresa H comment: You schooled me today. I've been putting on my bottom eyeliner all wrong. Thanks, your way looks so much more natural. :)
  • Donna B comment: they all do it so fast.
  • Elizabeth K comment: I don't see the links for recommended products
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Elizabeth, the links to products are available at the Paperclip icon in the upper right of the lesson.
  • amanda d comment: you are doing good
  • Tracy S comment: love it really, you have a lovely face fresh, nice
  • Dollie K comment: Not impressed.
  • Mackenzie C comment: what should i use to cover redness on the cheeks and jaw bone
  • theresa b comment: Enjoyed the class
  • ilse r comment: what was the first item you used for the face, missed it
  • ilse r comment: doing really good
  • Soonh A comment: What kind of eyeliner do you use?
  • Soonh A comment: What kind of eyeliner do you use?
  • Dawn K comment: Cute, and looks easy enough
  • Georgina A comment: I don't see the links for recommended products
  • Anne K comment: Great lesson! I love the links to the products that you use - it is so helpful!
  • Wilma M comment: I enjoyed the lesson. Is there something I could use instead of the base you used. This one is expensive.
  • Emily B comment: SHE MADE IT LOOK SO EASY