Lenses for Beginners

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  1. Product Photography
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  2. Small Studio Setup for Still Life Photos
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  3. DIY Digital Camera Flash Trigger
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  4. Guide to Buying Used Camera Lenses
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  5. Darkroom Equipment for Beginners
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  6. Basic Low Light Photography Tips
    Phillip McCordall
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  7. Perspective and Zoom Lenses
    Phillip McCordall
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  8. Slide Projector Photography Light
    Phillip McCordall
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  9. How to Be a Photographer's Assistant
    Phillip McCordall
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Lenses for Beginners

by Phillip McCordall

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  • Kathy G comment: I really enjoyed the lesson. I bought a Canon Rebel a few years ago and know nothing about lenses. I bought 2 of them, but the zoom lens I bought turns out to be too long for me.
  • Kathy G comment: It would be nice if you made some suggestions for beginners about what lenses you might buy for different uses. I made a bad purchase already because I didn't know anything about lenses.
  • Stacy H comment: i would only suggest that it would be great to be able to hear the lessons louder. haha :)
  • Marie V comment: Very clear, thank you
  • Sparky S comment: I'm really enjoying your lesson, but wondering if you could explain more about how you get dust off of the other side of a lens, or off of the body of a SLR camera? I'm always getting artifacts on my images and I'm wondering if that comes from changing lenses a lot?
    • Curious Support comment: Every time you change your lens, you run the risk of getting dust where you don't want it - which can cause artifacts on your images. You can minimize this risk by changing your lenses quickly and in a clean environment. If you get dust on your lenses, you can carefully remove it using a microfiber cloth or a hand squeeze blower.
    • David L comment: Wow Thank you for the lesson. Learned so much already. Excited to get my first camera now. :D I vote for more videos, because you are doing an awesome job!
    • Phillip McCordall comment: Thank you , more coming soon
  • Cliffiamcurios T comment: Even tho I am almost a professional, these lessons serve as great reminders & refreshers for things I have forgotten or never thought about. THank you for these beginner lessons. Very educational.
  • Caroline E comment: talk slower and possibly repeat
  • sieva f comment: I am learning a lot thank you :)
  • Nawar S comment: That was really helpful Thank you for the effort.
  • Bernard W comment: i found the lesson to be very educational.
  • C.Piggott comment: great information.
  • Allen H comment: The lesson was spoken with clearity and paced for the beginner to keep up. His teaching method is very good.
  • Sally C comment: When I first turn my camera on I can't get a clear focus
  • Aranka H comment: That was great ! thank you :)
  • Kayla W comment: Thanks so much for these cool tips!!!
  • Elljay M comment: Thank you Phillip. By George, I got it! Great tutorial. Cheers.
  • jeff h comment: good beginner leson
  • linda w comment: great teacher
  • Noel V comment: A very informative lession. Small important things in photography are best remembered to keep one's camera in good condition.
  • Melissa L comment: Great lesson, but I'm wondering if you could post more advanced lessons on lighting for portraiture? I am a semi-pro photographer trying to break into the market, but I need more experience with lighting techniques. Thanks!
  • Julie J comment: What shutter speed and f/stop should I use for dancing inside building and what of lense.
  • Skye H comment: Straightforward, un embellished, and right. Couldn't ask for more!
  • Luisa r comment: It was a helpful video... I would like to know about what lense to get for the type of pics i like to take
    • Luisa r comment: I like to take close pictures specially of people... I like depth of field... But sometimes i don't like to use the zoom because it looks different than when you're actually close to the object... And at the time if you're too close and is a person you're taking the pic of, they don't act naturally...so I was wondering if there was a type of lenses that would give you the sensation of a close up without not being that close... If that make any sense... :))
    • Phillip McCordall comment: Well what type of pics do you like to take :)))
  • Phillip McCordall comment: Thankyou I'm glad you enjoyed it,
  • shero s comment: I really loved it so much, Phillip ( The instructor) is saying very helpful tips in a very simple and understandable way. Thanks a lot.