How to Refinish a Chair

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How to Refinish a Chair

by The O'Neil Sisters

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  • Maire W comment: Great. Lesson. Easy to follow.
  • Rhonda R comment: I particularly found your sraying advise to be helpful, as I've had trouble in te past avoiding drips, etc. Your pointers will make it easier in the future! Thanks.
  • Maribel R comment: I am new in this thing, I find the lesson really helpful to me, thank you very much for both of you. I have a question how is the name for the fabric to dress the chair and if you have any favorite store on line. Thank you again,
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: The fabric we used for the chair is Premier Prints Penmanship in Arctic Blue/Natural (from Fabric.com). We also really like the selection at HartsFabric.com. We find great decorator fabrics at our local JoAnn Fabrics, too. Best of luck!
  • Pamela R comment: It was good, could also include how to cover a round cushion on a chair. I have recovered before but the tips on cleaning the chair, what grit to use on sand paper and wiping down with water before priming was great. Could also include what if chair is not wood, metal, plastic and what paint should be used in those type of situations. Thanks now help me do a wing back chair in a modern fabric. Pam
  • Heather L comment: Thanks again for an excellent lesson.
  • Heather L comment: Wow, the chair looks great!
  • Quinetta J comment: Why don't you lay the seat closer to the edge of the corner of the batting so not to waste the batting?
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: Great question! You need enough batting to wrap up and around the edges of the chair seat. And if the batting edges are too close to the edge of the seat, it could end up lumpy right where the seat sits on the chair frame. Hope that helps!
  • Quinetta J comment: I'm watching to refresh my memory on how to redo a chair seat. thank you for sharing.
  • susan k comment: first time on your lessons , love it. susan
  • Quinetta J comment: You two did a fantastic job on teaching on how to recover a chair seat. Thank you very much for sharing .
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: Glad you found the lesson helpful, Quinetta! Hope your chair project turns out great!
  • marion w comment: What is the brand of the can primer paint you used?
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: We used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint Primer in Gray. If you were painting with a lighter color, you could use the Krylon's Primer in white.
  • Ro K comment: good directions
  • Jeri B comment: What if the chair padding is non existant? How many layers of batting do you use
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: If your chair seat doesn't have a pad, we recommend cutting a new piece of foam to fit. Foam pads or cushions are available at craft stores. Just trace the seat onto the foam, cut it with scissors or an X-Acto knife, then cover it with the batting like you see in the lesson. Hope that helps, Jeri!
  • Ramona M comment: Will be doing mine soon. Thanks.great demo and instructions.
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: Thanks, Ramona! Let us know if you have any questions when you're working on your chair. We're here to help!
  • Shirley G comment: Loved the info. Thanks so much.
  • Jill A comment: How much did the supplies cost? I am trying to figure out the average cost of this project.
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: We bought the chair at a thrift store for about $10. The Krylon spray paint and primer cost about $7 a can. Our fabric and batting were $13.
  • Tracy W comment: Great Job Ladies..
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: We recommend waiting about 10 minutes to let the primer dry before spraying with your colored spray paint. For best results, check the instructions on your can of primer just to be sure.
  • Vaunda N comment: Nothing that I could see. I love the chair. It has a classic Greek form in legs and back. I am not into antiques, generally.
  • Myra N comment: You guys were so clear. I am looking forward to this project. Excellent.
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: Thanks, Myra! Have fun refinishing your chair!
    • The O'Neil Sisters comment: Hope your chairs turn out great, Maddie!
    • Maddie P comment: I have two chairs that I need to redo and enjoyed the clear way you presented this project.
  • Kellie D comment: Thank you that was very informative.
  • Vaunda N comment: To me, it is just fine. All of the items are familiar to me except the triangle props.
  • Vaunda N comment: I would not include the quiz question about staple removal. It seems to dumb-down the already fine lesson. So far, you have concentrated on skills for newbies to upholstery basics. In my opinion, the removal of staples would not be a skill needing reinforcement.
  • Vaunda N comment: This seems OK but I may have trimmed out the mitered corners to leave only one thickness of batting. That may be overload for newbies. I am an editor in another life and am accustomed to challenges like these.
  • Vaunda N comment: EXERCISE 9 (of 14): Measuring Fabric True or False? Your fabric should measure 3 inches more than your batting on each side of the cushion. True False Oh, SNAP! Your fabric should measure 1 inch more than your batting on each side of the cushion - this will ensure that you have enough fabric to cover both the seat and batting: My answer is false for the reason shown in the feedback. In my view, this feedback is wrong.
  • Vaunda N comment: Fine..an additional hint might be the use of Chlorox wipes or other heavy-duty moist towelettes.
  • Vaunda N comment: Good advice to spray initial burst into the air and move to the chair in a sweeping motion.
  • Vaunda N comment: The lesson was suitable for its purpose, entry level approach with fairly expert results. Black was the good color here.