Formal French Greetings

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  1. Formal French Greetings
    Learn French Now!
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  2. Plural Nouns and Articles in French
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  3. French Phrases for Love
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  4. More Uses for "To Speak" in French
    Learn French Now!
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  5. How to Say "To Go" in French
    Learn French Now!
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Formal French Greetings

by Learn French Now!

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  • Alyce R comment: Thank you! I'm planning a trip to France soon and Je ne comprends pas francais.
  • Diana G comment: How do you say "I play soccer"?
    • Learn French Now! comment: Oui! C'est correct! It's correct!
    • Penny R comment: Je Joue au football is "I play foot ball"
  • anna a comment: i love this website so much
  • Stephanie V comment: Can you do a lesson on sports and the regions in France?
  • wayne m comment: thanks mate
  • amanuel k comment: French lesson in this site . cool
  • ren b comment: elle a l'air si doux
  • ren b comment: how do you say she looks so sweet
  • Belen S comment: Really good!
  • Sandra B comment: Merci! What a lovely lesson - went to France last year but was too intimidated to say but a word or two!
  • Julieta I comment: thank you I learned a lot and I want to continue learning.
  • bodinda w comment: a little to fast but great job also sound out the word a little more!
  • Joel T S comment: merci!
  • alondra a love:
  • Darlene F comment: Really enjoyed this lesson. merci
  • alondra a comment: i love this lesson
  • Ricky S comment: Very good lesson
  • Brittany C comment: I want to learn about France and its culture because it is where my family is from.
  • Jennifer Z comment: what does je suis aime mean in english
  • Walter W comment: I am so thrilled at the way you present your lesson.
  • Margrit K comment: I like the lesson but would like to learn more.
  • Jesse V comment: Very easy and understandable :)
  • milliecent c comment: Very good first lesson , easy to understand Love the simplicity of the lesson and the easy to understand phrases
  • Zae J comment: This was very helpful to me!
  • tara p comment: merci i love les website
  • deborah g comment: This is awesome
  • Sandip G comment: It was very good lesson
  • james l comment: it was ok I live in a French English community the lesson helped I get confused on simple French words and when to use them
  • shabnam k comment: this was a first time of my class i have learn some words which can help me in future
  • Stephanie C comment: just a general question, but would it be offensive to say Salut to someone you just met? I remember saying it to a french teacher and he went mad, saying that I was using it wrong?
    • Learn French Now! comment: Salut is a little too casual for a person in position of authority like a school teacher. If in doubt, always use bonjour
  • Anna E comment: REALLY HELPED MERCI!
  • Kaleena O comment: Je m'appelle Kaleena. I will type more as I learn more. A bientot! (I do not have the characters needed for certain punctuation but still I want to practice!)
  • Lindrea R comment: I'm having trouble remembering the first sentence in every lesson
  • Lisa B comment: Great lesson
  • Divus I comment: The lessons would be a lot better if there was an actual review of the vocabulary words just before they are used in the sentence & conversation portions of the lesson. Other than that the site is Great!
  • Lexi W comment: uggh! nice lesson but i wish the others were free...
  • Alfreda C comment: Thanks, I really want to learn French.
  • Carol N comment: It is easy to understand and well explained! Merci :)
  • Barb B comment: This is exactly what I had hoped for!
  • angel r comment: pretty great
  • Gloria R comment: I am enjoying the lesson.
    • diane w comment: I really like this lesson
    • sahay p comment: i feel like i am learning
    • Femi L comment: Me tooo....rily learnin ere
    • spirit h comment: This is so much fun!
  • Regina D comment: Je vais bien. Comment allez-vous? I appreciate learning French via a method that will help me to comprehend it better. Thanks.
  • Chance B comment: well... it's a start as everyone here speaks french
  • Kelly J comment: Simplified and well done
  • Kendall A comment: THANK YOU TEACHER I can learn French now! ^^ @ Hopefully not Adeiu! Hey its my best French :P :3
  • kevin v comment: thanks for the help
  • april a comment: awesome lessons!
  • Waynette W comment: Thank you very much!
  • warren i comment: How do you say: I love you
  • ksatyarobert@yahoo.com N comment: hello teacher nice meeting you on line i loved and enjoyed the lesson thanks Nakitari
  • Joceline V comment: Je veux apprand des lecons beaucoup plus diffiicile.
  • Angelika G comment: thank you :)
  • K C comment: The last two sections of this module do not have audio.
    • Curious Support comment: Hi K, it sounds like you're having technical difficulties - please contact support so we can help you! support@curious.com
  • Daniel P comment: how do you say? "No Problem"
  • Jacquelyn W comment: This was a very easy lesson. thank you very much
  • Scarlett E comment: you are a VERY good teacher :)
    • kyra a comment: does it work
  • elham f comment: excellent
  • Amin S comment: Bonjour, merci le curious.
  • emma c comment: It was fun. I'll tell my mom salut allez-vous when she gets home
  • Jaskiran s comment: How do you say"She respond to the telephone and informs them about the bad news."
    • Learn French Now! comment: Elle répond au téléphone et leur dit les mauvaises nouvelles. (present tense)
  • Carol-Anne B comment: can I print off the lesson sections so I can post them around my home to use every day as practice?
  • abdulazeez i comment: Bonjour! je m'appelle abdulazeez. merci!
  • Natesha B comment: Thank you
  • Valencia D comment: are there more lessons
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Valencia, there are many more lessons from this teacher at curious.com/learnfrench
  • Jose R comment: Nice way of teaching a language. with very clear instructions. Thanks
  • Marah A comment: I don't have any trouble with this but it would be better to have some how to pronounce French letters lessons
  • Luz C comment: thank you, you make it easy for me to learn French….
  • Estella L comment: Bonjour Brandy! Est-ce que vouz-etes American?
  • Julio E comment: bonjour enchante je applle symeon. saludos para todos los estudiantes.
  • Ndayisenga P comment: it was amazing
  • Titus A comment: The lesson is motivating. I'm willing to learn more.
  • Louise C comment: Brilliant, thank you :) So clear and esy to understand!
  • kyra a comment: can you teach family please
    • smiley v comment: bonjure j'ai appelar smiley \ or my name is smiley
    • Learn French Now! comment: I will put it on the list. ;)
  • Emota W comment: merci je vais tre's bien thank i am doing very well in my first few lessons
  • J N comment: Thank you for explaining the meaning of each words in the phases so it's easier to remember:)
  • Teetu K comment: Bonjour comment allez vous........easy way to learn french language.
  • Samuel M comment: ladies and Gentlemen!
  • tashi d comment: thanks and its was quite good...Marsa.
  • Kashmere G comment: very helpful
  • jailene g comment: my name is jailene(jay-leen) how would i pronounce that in french?
  • Lina L comment: Bonjour!!! This is my first time using this and it actually helps. I'm taking French class but i don't get anything there, but it's different here, I actually learned something. Hopefully we have a review or something because I don't want to forget anything. Oh i have a question is this for free? Merci.
  • Keasia L comment: How would you say "I will miss you teaching me social studies Mr. DeRosa"
  • Sheyenne M comment: Bonjur je m'appelle Sheyenne :)
  • Allan L comment: but to say alot it's bookoo,not boku I hope thats write than beaucup de........bonjoure a tua ca va bien......the lessons are greate some things I dont know know I do.I like to write it down sometime's.....
  • Ronnie R comment: I like it so far
  • Norma M comment: How you say Thanks?
  • Norma M comment: How do you say Thanks?
    • Khalid O comment: Thanks or thank you is (merci)
    • Cleo J comment: Me and my grandchildren enjoyed the lesson.
  • hoda r comment: bonjour.is there a total free website for learning french?please let me know
  • Alicia C comment: merci! <3 je sais seulement un peu francais :D
  • avleen g comment: bonjour! madame merci
  • Claudia T comment: I like this. My mother is from France and I always wanted to speak French. I think it is the most beautiful language ever. But I waited, an now I'm 60 years old. They say you are never to old to learn.
    • Lisa F comment: Good luck! I agree French is beautiful. I am a non-native speaker, and my daughter wants to learn. I am trying to prepare myself after a 10-20 year break for her classes. I am so excited she wants to learn. I wish you the best as you learn French. Lisa
  • isha o comment: how do i take an actual free french class whick i get a scholarship for takin the class and passing so my other school can see?
  • John S comment: Good start for someone who has never taken french
  • Beverly B comment: I want to start over as I missed the question in 1 the greeting
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Beverly, don't forget that you can pause, repeat, and rewatch the lesson as many times as you like!
  • Gia H comment: Je m'appelle Gia
  • Morgan L comment: My grandmother and I are going to visit family in France next month so I am learning French last minute
  • shirley w comment: Tres bien, merci.
  • Joe h comment: clear and simple way to learn - merci
  • Russell B comment: Merci beaucoup pour cette leçon
  • Matheus V comment: How do you say "That's awesome!" in French?
  • Raffi S comment: Merci pour aide
  • Allison B comment: Merci beaucoup. Je suis tres heurux avec cette classe. <3
  • George B comment: the lesson was very helpful
  • Ann T comment: Merci. I enjoyed this very practical lesson
  • Jayda J comment: i love this website i'm glad i found now i can learn french
  • h8ergirl a comment: merci je suis aime
  • Jayda J comment: Bonjour! Merci! I love this, now i get to learn french yay
  • Elizabeth L comment: Thank you this is my first time of using this site and I have done very well, Thank you
  • Orlando S comment: Je vous remercie
  • j r comment: great vid, merci for the lessons teacher
  • Carolyn E comment: love it---merci beaucoup
  • Abu Nayeem S comment: good practice
  • alexis m comment: merci for this lesson
  • Kollol C comment: I want to learn french fluently.
    • Linda J comment: je beaucoup de travail a remplir~~~
  • maddie w comment: thank you i learned alot!!!
  • Khalid O comment: I like this way of teaching, I find it useful and cool
  • Barbara J comment: good to know
  • Jessie S comment: Easy to follow and understand lesson 1. Merci for the lesson.
  • Mary E comment: Thank you very much. You are a wonderful teacher!
  • Margrit K comment: Thank you so very much, it was a great lesson and I hope to remember. It was very good to understand the spoken word and I wish to learn. We as students have so little chance to learn French from a native speaker. Please continue this service. With love Margrit
  • Joshua M comment: Merci merci je suisse presque couramment
  • angela s comment: how do u say i love u
  • rose j love:
    • Linda J comment: Oui. toujours~~~
  • Susan W comment: how to repeat a lesson?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi there! To re-watch any lesson you have enrolled in or paid for, in the upper right hand corner of your screen, click your username (you must be logged in to do so). A menu will pop up - select "enrolled lessons." From your list of enrolled lessons, click on the one you'd like to re-watch. Enjoy!
  • abby s comment: will there be a reveiw
  • Jennifer B comment: how do you say.. I can't live without you?
    • jamal m comment: I just started, am i supposed to answer
    • Austin D comment: Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi.
  • abby s comment: How do you get to the next lesson?
    • Penny R comment: I'm going to Moroco with my mom and thats mostly french speaking.
    • america b comment: this is maing me learn so fast and easy thank you merci merci
    • Curious Support comment: You can find all the lessons from this teacher at curious.com/learnfrench
  • hope p comment: Au Revoir
  • Linda J comment: je adore~~~
  • abby s comment: does any one know how to get to the next lesson
    • Tommy S comment: Are there any more lessens ?
    • Curious Support comment: Have you seen the latest lessons at curious.com/learnfrench ?
    • Pamela R comment: Need more lessons, this is good.
    • Kamana C comment: more lessons
    • Anastasia G comment: there are tabs on the left side of the lesson with numbers and those are the lessons
  • Carms S comment: Awesome! Merci!
  • abby s comment: come on anyone
  • Svetlana P comment: I love it, so easy and fun!
  • Kawtar B comment: I love this lesson. Thank you very much
  • joyce c comment: I am learning, although I am slow. I have to replay it several times but I'm feeling much more confident. His voice is soothing...easy to listen.
  • Linda J comment: Bonjour! Je marque de mots fancais. Ar revoir. Votre bon and LOL je suce!!! Hello! I miss French words. Simple good bye. Your good and lol I suck. Fais de beau ux reves: Sweet dreams. Heeeeeellllllp!!! I love the romance languages, and French is my favorite.
  • Linda J comment: Merci, j'aime!!!
  • dejiah c comment: more lessons please!
  • Leila N comment: I like the natural accent and the way he described different words.
  • Alison B comment: Merci beacoup
  • Ridge F comment: Very simple and detailed instructions nice.
  • Clemencia P comment: ij'ai etudi
  • Siddalee W comment: bonjour enchante je'm appelle sidda
  • Clemencia P comment: salut, j'ai etudie francais
  • Lynda B love:
    • Tommy S comment: Why stop if to learn something new that is fun.
    • David F comment: I am taking it now....just started!
  • Kiarra T comment: i still dont know how to do this
  • Gary K comment: Add More- Merci Beaucoup
  • Gabby G comment: bonjour merci je suis aime
    • Med M comment: bon apres-midi aime , comment va tu ?
    • Ajeet K comment: bonjour
  • MARYANNE M comment: i very much love it so far i feel like i know it all.having fun
  • fjola r comment: can some1 telll me can i learn french faster in here (in this web)
  • Alonzo D comment: Tres bien! I like this!
  • Hannah S comment: awesome, but there should be pronunciation
    • Timmy G comment: i agree there should be
  • Jamya D comment: WILL THERE BE A REVIEW
  • Dharam J comment: very easy to follow, Merci
  • Jamya D comment: Yes how do i saw my name is jamya in french?
    • Emily S comment: Je m'apelle Jamya. (My name is Jamya.) Does that help?
    • Learn French Now! comment: Both answers are correct!
    • Radhe S comment: Je t'aime.
    • Olivia K comment: How do u say I love you?
    • Anastasia G comment: typically names dont translate, there are too many and people come up with new ones all the time, trust me, i know russian
  • Anne D comment: thank you for this lesson. Au revoir
  • Novetta C comment: Enjoyed how is this program was to follow. I look forward to the other lessons
  • Yoann M comment: ça fait plaisir de voir que des gens apprennent le français :) bonne petite leçon pour les débutants
  • dianna c comment: Je m'appella Dianna
  • roberta w comment: an excellent lesson.even though i already know those words my accent has improved in minutes.the teacher was very clear and informative.
  • Gus D comment: Short and sweet way to get back into French.
  • Adrian C comment: This is awsome
  • amal a comment: merci all of them
  • chanelle w comment: Are there more quizzes, and/or tests we could take to know where we are?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Chanelle, you can see the latest lessons here: curious.com/learnfrench
  • Noor H comment: these are awesome
  • awatif d comment: beautiful work;) really helped
  • Tahya D comment: I really wish they taught french at the highschool!!!
  • varun g comment: its contain in full sentence, if word by words ok
  • ktrn b comment: merci :)
  • Qing Y comment: c'est pas difficilie,tres bien! merci!
    • h8ergirl a comment: D'accord mean okay. my french teacher says it all the time when she is handing out the work.
    • Immanuel C comment: this program is great
  • Cassie K comment: Je vais bien: what does "vais" mean?
  • jose v comment: this is the first time doing this lesson,I love it :)
  • MoonDark S comment: hi i am new here
  • MoonDark S comment: how do you say good evening?
    • Stephanie V comment: hi i am in french 2 and i am not good i am failing but last year i did really good is there any way that i can get help in this or another websited that the teach teashes on so i can learn french better thanks au revoir
    • Learn French Now! comment: Bonsoir! Good evening!
    • Radhe S comment: bon soir...
  • Jinxiu L comment: This lesson is very clear, useful and helpful. I love it.
  • zohreh s comment: thank you very much. you make it very easy for me to learn french language. merci
  • Chris C comment: This is very helpful thanks you
  • Maddie D comment: tres bien! merci!
  • Anastasia G comment: How do you say GooseLover? you can tell someones new to a languege if they cant even say thier name in that languege! XD lol!
  • Gabi m comment: Au Revoir classmates!!!
  • Lisa F comment: Merci, je l'ai aimeé.
  • Khalil A comment: Merci beaucoup, simple and clear.
  • Isela C comment: can i have a lesson on how to practice the french accent
  • Vyann T comment: This is so fun Merci
  • taylor p comment: hellomy name is taylor i thought this was fun and easy and im 10 years old
  • vanessa l comment: how do you say fart?
  • Khalid O comment: Interseting lesson ... anyone want to practice french on SKype??
  • Gina F love:
  • Jan K comment: A very simple nice way to learn - thank you.
  • george l comment: thank you so much, was very good for a beginner like myself
  • Gloria B comment: Fun, Merci !
  • Lora L comment: enough for today~
  • Angela C comment: Excellent lesson
  • Jade N comment: This lesson is so much better than the Rosetta Stone demo
  • KK r comment: -_- LOL I LOVE IT
  • El Gato N comment: this lesson is awesome
  • mary h comment: wonderful teacher
  • Symeon B comment: bonjour Enchante je appelle Symeon
  • HE L comment: You've done a very good job at simplifying french and making it easy to learn. merci!
  • Hojjat M comment: hello. i d like to learn fremch very much but i dont have more resource could you help me and send me some good video or book my nagetive langauge is persian and turky but i know english well
  • marcus s comment: Merci!!!!!
  • ANFU H comment: Easy to follow, excellent lesson!
  • mil f comment: i have trouble remembering the words and with proununciation.
  • marcus s comment: i love this it was awesome merci. a bientot.
  • onuwa o comment: Bonjour les etudientes
  • Alysa J comment: i love the france culture so i want to learn to speak it
    • Beverley D comment: and me I think I was french in a former life!
  • Martha Y love:
    • william t comment: since i am from europe and plan to return to europe french is essential for me
    • Sam P comment: I dont think u love it u just saying that if u really love it U will speak there French i tell u
    • Cathy C comment: Bonjour Sam. Ca Va?
    • amir r comment: ca va bien
  • Ada R comment: I am very excited joining these lessons.
  • Judy W comment: Thank this is great for a beginner like myself.
  • Olga C love:
  • Mary D comment: thought this lesson was great
  • Hailey M comment: i love taking these lessons
  • Ope F comment: Omg I loved this lesson I understood it A biento^t Merci
  • Mary D comment: It's a lot of fun and quite easy..
  • charles d comment: bonjour, salut
  • Rosita R comment: Thank you, I learned something today.
  • Magdalena B comment: I like the lesson, very helpful phrases, I am thinking to go to college to learn more French
    • Lennard M comment: Isn't it remarkable how forms of teaching have become so effective? It's great!
  • Kathy S comment: I am enjoying my lessons. You make it very simple.
  • Clemencia P comment: i need an intermediate lesson
    • Curious Support comment: Clemencia, you can find all of this teacher's lessons here: curious.com/learnfrench . Happy Learning!
  • Christine H comment: Looking forward to learning more about the language. I will be taking a French course in college this Fall.
  • Wendi K comment: I knew these phrases but it was a good reminder Thank you
  • Jenny E comment: Merci. I loved the lesson. How do I get lesson two?
  • Aram H comment: thanks u for this lesson <3
  • Ar'tisha G comment: do you do more lessons
  • Gerri P comment: Very enjoyable
  • Janet C comment: So easy to learn to pronounce correctly.
  • Dee S comment: This is awesome, I'm getting the hang of it, need to go over lesson to make it stick in my head..
  • serenity s comment: i am trying to learn french and i finally found somthing!!!!am iable to log on everyday and learn more or get used to allof these lessons?
  • Prakash B comment: Bonjour! Merci
  • Janice B comment: Hello. How can I get additional French lessons? I have a four year foundation in French and want learn to become fluent
  • Marie M comment: I enjoyed the very clear tone of the teacher.
  • Mack H comment: this is my first time using this site. It is very good. Merci
  • Shahin J comment: Mercy beau coup. I loved your lesson, please create more lesson, like verbs, past tense,...…
  • Amber T love:
    • Marguerite G comment: is there any books i could get to teach myself hands on french.. like the writing ... it would help remember the words more... and me speaking.. can someone Help me??
    • Shirley R comment: bonjur J' em mapelle
  • Leo L comment: Well done!
  • carla l comment: Bonjour! j m'apelle Carla et je suis tres jolie! hahaha that was the first frase I learned in French.. I need to learn more because I will travel in nov. will you have more videos up by then?
    • Curious Support comment: Take a look at the latest lessons here: curious.com/learnfrench