Glögg: A Warm Holiday Cocktail

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by Henry Mayer
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Glögg: A Warm Holiday Cocktail

by Henry Mayer

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  • Jéssica Fernanda N comment: Loved it!
  • Steve G comment: Wuddup Henry! This is very cool. Hope to see you soon. Rose bowl?
  • Faith K comment: That was great, Henry! It would be fun to hear just a little bit at the beginning about how/when Glogg is enjoyed in the Swedish culture. For example, at your family Xmas the guests are greeted right away with a cup of Glogg to enjoy while meal prep is completed. Is this a typical Swedish custom? Also, are there any variants on this recipe that change up the ratio of red wine to vodka? Or is that ratio necessary for the fire to work correctly?
    • Henry Mayer comment: Thanks Faith! I'll have to ask the family about whether that's typical Swedish, or just my folks. As far as the ratio, I've gone as high as 2:1 wine:vodka, and that works fine (though you do get less flame, so make sure to light the fire while it's still hot). I'm guessing you could go higher, though I'm not sure where that max's out. I'll let you know if I find out, otherwise if you give it a shot, let us know how it goes!
  • Jalen S comment: This is really awesome. My family and I are always looking for new drinks to make!
  • lijue z comment: Looking good, Henry!