How to Start a New Garden

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How to Start a New Garden

by GrowOrganic.com

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  • James S comment: Great job. I'm new to this so thank you for doing such a good job.
  • Subodh K comment: Why not learn to grow your own vegetables and that too organic?
  • beatrice t comment: hi what vegies can I grow in containers and how do I tend to them thanks for the lesson it was really informative. I am going to repeat it so that I can make sure I get the confidence I need to grow my garden. thanks again have a great day
    • GrowOrganic.com comment: Most vegetables grow well in containers. Cucurbits like squash, pumpkins and cucumbers might be a bit dicy, but if you had a big containers and a compact bush squash you could do it. Root vegetables will do well as long as the container is deep enough. Peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and greens are very easy to grow in containers.
  • fariba n comment: Thank you
  • Mariah Z comment: Hello Sound wonderful it just that I can't afford some of the equipment .
    • GrowOrganic.com comment: Yeah, if you can find second hand tools they are often great tools and just need maybe some sanding and sharpening to be serviceable. Or borrow from friends, a shovel, a rake, and a hose are all you really need.
  • Kathy D comment: Very informative! Thank you!
  • Nadir S comment: Thanks guys! This was a very helpful video and I really appreciated the questions after each segment! COOL! I'm so excited!
  • Isaac F comment: Great!
    • Isaac F comment: What are your tips for terraced gardening? Unfortunately, I don't have very much flat land around my place, so I was thinking of using a hillside on my property. All help is appreciated!
    • GrowOrganic.com comment: Hmmm, I'd do the same basic things but with a series of retaining walls or something. Or you can grow an orchard, slopes are great places for fruit trees.
    • GrowOrganic.com comment: Thanks!
  • Kwame O comment: Very simply but instructively and practically delivered Thank you so much.
  • Norman C comment: Some useful tips, thank you.
  • Connie R comment: Great job, I am going to try the card board and paper in the garden.
  • Padma G comment: I loved all the tips. Unfortunately, gardening is too expensive for a retiree. I enjoy just watching the process of gardening and that gives me immense satisfaction. Take care.
    • GrowOrganic.com comment: Thank you! I understand what your saying, if you want gardening to be cheap it usually requires a lot of energy. If you're ever interested in gardening, look up square foot gardening, very inexpensive and easy method.
  • Jetaun B comment: Thanks, JB
  • Lisa b comment: Thank you.
  • jeff k comment: I never thought of letting the weeds germinate first before planting. What a great idea!
  • fariba n comment: Tank you
  • joyce c comment: Learned a lot that I will definitely apply! Thank you.