How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

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How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

by Drawing Teachers

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  • Anita M comment: basic drawing how to draw a portrait
  • Roberta P comment: I've done these types of doodles for years. Besides practicing shapes, this was a great intro to Zentangle. I showed my (3rd grade) son and he is going to show his teacher. What a fun rainy day activity!
  • Maria G comment: Great lesson for someone who has not drawn in a very long time.
  • Patriica L comment: My name is Patricia Lucky, I am interested in the free drawing class. what is required, how, and when do I get started?
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Patricia, you can see all of Michael's drawing lessons here: curious.com/drawingteachers. Happy learning!
  • Saad A comment: Thank you very much.
  • tiffany v comment: how can you draw a husky
  • Saba K comment: thnx alot :)
  • Bonita S comment: Thank you for a very constructive start. I thought you did a very good job. Thank you
  • Patricia R comment: I thought this was a terrific lesson to start using my skills again! Thank you very much. Patricia R.
  • Kenneth A comment: thank you I know how to do a river bed
  • darlene f comment: thanks forsaring!
  • Dona W comment: Great exercise. I'm going to show my 8 year old grandson who is complaining he can't draw.
  • Sarah W comment: This is great for beginners, but I was expecting something more difficult.
    • Patricia H comment: more, please
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Sarah, you can find more of Michael's drawing lessons here: curious.com/drawingteachers. Happy Learning!
  • Dominic G comment: Thank you so much! I am really into drawing, but I never looked at it as practicing. So now, I'll make sure to practice making different shapes.
  • Val E comment: Thanks for sharing. I may use this technique for some abstract paintings i am doing.
  • Mohamed B comment: how to draw a human face
  • Lillian K comment: What kind of pencil did you use for this drawing?
  • Barbara W comment: I am an artist but have just begun to create journals and this was fun and easy. You have a nice voice and easy manner. Thanks!
  • Norma S comment: I found it interesting.
  • Gillian B comment: I enjoyed your lesson and look forward to more. Thank you. Gillian B.
  • Ivan J comment: Thanks ??????????
  • Marsha F comment: Is there a charge for the lessons?
  • jade h comment: thank you...xxx
  • Wendie H comment: I took a pic on iPad so I could remember which ones in what order. Thanks for this it makes so much sense to train your hand im not a natural!
  • Clarc L comment: its amazing
  • susan g comment: The first lesson was lots of fun. Thank you!
  • shyann b comment: what happens if your not very steady with your hands.
    • Drawing Teachers comment: Shyann, Steady hands will come with practice. The repetition of shapes in this lesson helps.
  • Mario I comment: Is there any "good way" to hold my pencil? I started drawing but I get smudges everywhere
    • Carrie W comment: put a small, clean piece of paper under your hand as you draw....no more smudges