How to Stitch and Finish a Quilt

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How to Stitch and Finish a Quilt

by Christian Tamez

0:00 | 9:55
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  • deb k comment: enjoyed this much thank you
  • Daily Blessings D comment: Love these tutorials, can we keep coming back to ones we purchased?
  • Ida G comment: Nice job on the quilt, Wished you explained how to do the corner flat, with no puckers.
  • Charlotte Goldman S comment: beautiful baby quilt
  • Kathy N comment: Good job I have learned a lot. Thanks
  • sue ann h comment: I have watched many sewing tutorials and this the best!
  • Geneva G comment: Great tutorial. You made it look so simple. Can't wait to try. Geneva
  • Darlene G comment: just wondering if we get certificates when we finish these lessons, something to add to my binder
    • Curious Support comment: Hi Darlene, Curious isn't currently offering certificates, but thank you for the suggestion. We encourage you to try making your own quilt in order to show off your accomplishments from watching Christian's lessons. Happy learning!