How to Weave a Bracelet Without a Loom

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by Beadshop.com
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How to Weave a Bracelet Without a Loom

by Beadshop.com

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  • Jeanne S comment: What is KO thread?
    • Beadshop.com comment: Jeanne, KO thread is a very fine synthetic thread that is great for beading. It doesn't fray like a monofilament, but it is very pliable and easy to use. Basically, it is every beaders dream!
  • Jeanne S comment: Is KO thread a type or a brand of thread?
    • Beadshop.com comment: Jeanne, I think KO is a brand, but it is the only one we are familiar with and therefore it is what we refer to the thread as. It is a fairly new invention for the beading world.
  • Mela V comment: Very nice tutorial!
  • Vonda M comment: Great looking bracelet and so easy to make. Thank you, great lesson.
  • Charlotte M comment: I loved the clear way in which you presented each segment of the lesson, The camera was set up so as not to obstruct or omit those steps you were demonstrating, I loved this project and will begin one of my own just as soon as I order the few supplies I am lacking. MANY THANKS!!! Charlotte
  • Dianne S comment: Loved this lesson, the instructions were very clear and understandable. The video was also well done, in focus and easy to see all the steps required. Thank you!!
  • Mela V comment: I never imagined weaving a bracelet was so easy. Thank you!
  • di l comment: Thank you good show
  • Janet A comment: I don't have time right now to watch the entire lesson - can I get back into it at a later time? If so, do I just go into Facebook to pick up where I left off? Thanks, Jan
    • Beadshop.com comment: Jan, You can feel free to watch the lesson at your own pace. It should save your spot from the last time you watched! Let me know if you have any trouble.
  • Debbie C comment: thank you
  • Rosemary B comment: great lesson, I want to make a bracelet
  • Bonnie L comment: Loved this lesson. Watched it twice and made some notes. Hopefully I will be able to go back to the lesson for help.
  • elizabeth V comment: me encanto
  • Marci S comment: I love this lesson. You made it look so easy. Cant wait to place an order and get started on it ASAP
  • Evelyn M comment: where can I get the materials ..at a hobby store
    • Beadshop.com comment: Evelyn, I am not sure exactly which materials any given hobby store will have. You are best off looking at a store that specializes in beads. If it helps, there should be links to buy the supplies online. Was there anything in particular you were looking for?
  • Mary Ann C comment: Is it possible to sew this them onto fabric? deerskin ?
    • Beadshop.com comment: Mary Ann, you could definitely use deerskin instead of Ultrasuede. We have a video on our website for a Gypsy Bracelet that uses a sewing technique you may be able to apply to this bracelet. Hopefully this helps!
  • Cyndi W comment: Enjoyed the lesson
  • Mela V comment: Love it
  • Jana H comment: If I had known how easy this was I would have done it sooner. Thank you!
  • carol p comment: I am so motivated. Want to get started as soon as I find all my supplies. Thank you so very much for the great tutorial.
  • Lorraine S comment: Hi I really appreciate your lessons, they are so clear and easy to follow. Keep them coming. God Bless Lorraine
  • Dilek B comment: I love it! Thank you a lot!
    • Beadshop.com comment: Thank you! Feel free to share some photos of what you create!
  • Lee B comment: Thank you very much! Can I get a copy of this as I have a poor memory and would have to follow it closely the first time or two. I can certainly see my grand children loving this jewellery.
    • Beadshop.com comment: Lee, we do not have any copies of the lesson available but you can feel free to watch the video multiple times.
  • Ruth S comment: Thank you for your clear and concise directions. I will be trying this soon.
  • Joyce G comment: I loved the lesson, I think I can do this
  • Peggy C comment: The instructions are great. I am anxious to get started to make some bracelets using this method. I am always looking for new methods to bead.
    • Beadshop.com comment: Thank you Peggy! I am glad the instructions offer you something new to try. Let me know if you have any questions along the way!