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Teresa Funke - Writer's Coach

Teresa Funke embodies the modern artist/entrepreneur. She is the owner of Teresa Funke & Company and Victory House Press and the award-winning author of six novels for adults and children based on true stories from WWII. She is also a nationwide speaker offering keynotes and presentations and a popular writer’s coach and idea development coach.

Teresa has a degree in history from Boise State University and 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, and community catalyst. Teresa’s innovative programs and boundary-pushing talks prove that she is a thought leader, in the original meaning of that term; one who challenges us to change our view of how life and business should be led. She lives with her family in Colorado.

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Now is the Time to Finally Write Your Book

Hope you enjoy my writing courses and videos. 81% of people say they'd like to write a book someday, a few of us actually do. Will you be one of those people? Will you write it just for your personal pleasure, or for friends and family, or do you hope to share your story or expertise with the world? Whatever your goal, I want to help you get started. Why? Because we need diverse voices now more than ever. And if you know of anyone else who would like to write a book, please share the information about my courses.

Teresa Funke - Writer's Coach


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