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How to Practice Mindfulness

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Interested in learning how to practice mindfulness? This lesson teaches about the benefits, the keys to success, and ways to be mindful in daily life.

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Suzanne Matthiessen
Thanks Joseph. Glad you like hippie woo-woo - it's just not helpful to reach mainstream folks who can benefit from mindfulness. Wish I could agree with you that "Hippies are about love, community, etc" but as a child of the 60s who once considered herself a hippie, it was dis-illusioning to experience fellow hippies who ripped me off, were dishonest, backstabbing, entitled & 180º from peace and love - "love & light" was in reality full of angry, unbalanced, hypocritical behavior from many. :(
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Joseph S
Suzanne, I like Hippie Woo Woo chanting and bells. :) Hippies are about love, community, balance, gratitude and harmony which are all great ways of experiencing life in the moment. Thanks for the intro to Mindfulness.
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