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Katie Weiser Coaching
Career Coach

Katie is the Owner of Katie Weiser Coaching, LLC located in Augusta, GA. She is a personal and corporate coach who works with individuals who are at a crossroad in their career and need help with career direction or current workplace issues.

She consults with companies to improve their organization, increase productivity, strengthen their leaders and empower their employees to reach their fullest potential.

Her other services include facilitating leadership workshops for universities and organizations.

Katie has worked with hundreds of clients to transform their careers by tapping into their passions, strengths, interests and values.

She has 30 years experience at Deloitte, the # 1 professional services firm in the world, working with CEO’s, business leaders, and human resource professionals. Her leadership positions at Deloitte Consulting included Global Chief Learning Officer and Global Alumni Director.

She is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and a CCE-Board Certified Coach. She graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and received a BA in Psychology from Hunter College, New York, NY.

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New Curious course - Top 20 Job Interview Questions

I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, Top 20 Job Interview Questions!

Most job interviews involve the same questions. It's critical to know them in advance so you aren't fumbling for an answer. This course will walk you through examples of great answers and provide a structured worksheet for each question so you can write out your own answer. Learn how to articulate your answer in a way that makes you credible, engaging, and the best candidate for the job.

Get ready and get hired!
Katie Weiser Coaching


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