Beginner & Intermediate Crochet Stitches

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Course Overview

No matter how advanced you may be, there are always more crochet stitches and patterns to learn—that's what makes it a great craft! In this crochet course, learn a variety of beginner and intermediate crochet stitches and techniques, building skills by through practice. Discover how to do front and back post stitches, cabling, the fan stitch, the crossed double crochet, and the linen crochet stitch. These stitches can easily be adapted to crochet one-of-a-kind DIY gifts and unique garments.


  • Total Time 2 hr, 4 min
  • Lessons 11
  • Attachments 34
  • Exercises 48
  • 67 CQ

11 Lessons in This Course

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