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Geeta Singh, MSPT
Physical Therapist

Hello! I'm Geeta Singh, a physical therapist with 26 years of clinical experience. I'm passionate about getting people up and moving throughout their day to reduce chronic pain and stiffness. I design exercise programs that improve posture, balance, mobility, and stability. The lessons in the programs are all under 10 minutes! So join me and try a few out. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Please note: All exercises and other forms of physical activity can be dangerous, especially if performed without medical advice, proper supervision and/or pre-exercise evaluation. The exercise suggestions presented in these videos are not intended to be professional training advice. Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any exercise, especially if you have any acute, chronic, or recurring condition, and/or if you are pregnant, nursing, or elderly.

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The latest lesson from Geeta G. Singh, MSPT

I'm thrilled to share my newest lesson, 30 Second Exercises for Low Back Pain.

Are you feeling stiff and sore in your back after sitting for a long period? Then check this lesson out! The exercises in this lesson will improve the mobility of your back, hips, and legs. Release your back from chronic sitting and improve your pain!

Let me know what you think of the lesson. And remember, feel free to ask me any questions!

Stay Curious!
Geeta Singh, MSPT


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