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David Thomas
World Renowned Memory Expert

David has one of the most powerful memories in history breaking a Guinness record for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits and becoming US Memory Champion. He has had a ♯1 Times bestselling book and appeared more than 500 times in the media including going on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He is a professional speaker travelling the globe talking to audiences about improving memory. He has spoken in 32 countries over the last 17 years. He is also an ex-firefighter from Yorkshire and brings his down to earth sense of humour to this course. Enjoy!

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How to Develop an Awesome Memory | Latest course from David Thomas

I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, How to Develop an Awesome Memory!

Want to improve your memory? This course from world-renowned memory expert David Thomas presents techniques for improving your memorization skills and applying memory training to your daily life.

Happy Learning!

David Thomas


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