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Charlie Chiarelli
Experienced Online Educator

I am a retired High school Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher from Canada. I taught for 35 years, I have a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo.

I was a frequent speaker at educational conferences (ECOO) and seminars . Most recently my talks focused on E-Learning and the future of education (Flipping the Classroom).

I was the school webmaster and served on a number of school board committee , recently advising my school board (Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board) on its online learning direction. I was also the contest coordinator for the Annual Programming Contest for the past 15 years.

For the last 7 years before I retired I was in the unique position of teaching most of my computer science classes entirely online using the D2L LMS. Because of low enrollment and lack of qualified computer science teachers I became the "board" teacher. So my virtual class was made up of students from various schools in the region.

I am not a brilliant software engineer trying to teach programming. I am a high school computer science teacher that has taught teenagers for over 35 years. So I think my perspective and sensibilities are quite different than the typical online instructor. I feel this gives me a greater appreciation for what beginners need to learn and how it should be presented. I hope you agree and find my courses rewarding.

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New Curious course - Game Development Using MonoGame and C#

Ready for a new course? I am excited to share my most recently published course, Game Development Using MonoGame and C#.

A first step in the development of computer games on Windows Machines using C# and the MonoGame Framework. Basic working knowledge of programming in C# is helpful but not required.

Happy Learning!

Stay Curious!
Charlie Chiarelli

New course from Charlie Chiarelli

I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, C# Programming for Total Beginners!

Considering learning how to program in C#? In this C# programming course for total beginners, get a comprehensive introduction to how to create simple apps in the Visual Studio interface.

Happy Learning!

Charlie Chiarelli

Intro to C# in Visual Studio Express, now on Curious.com

I'd love to share with you my newest lesson on Curious, Intro to C# in Visual Studio Express.

Want to start programming in C#? In this introductory lesson, learn how to download Visual Studio Express 2015 and start opening files for writing programs. This is the first of 16 lessons that will make up a mini course on C#.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Stay Curious!
Charlie Chiarelli

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